C2W plays the guessing game with youCharades.com

C2W plays the guessing game with youCharades.com

Author | Deepshikha Singh | Saturday, Aug 09,2008 8:36 AM

C2W plays the guessing game with youCharades.com

Contests2win.com (C2W) has given the game of ‘Dumb Charades’ a new twist with the launch of youCharades. C2W has introduced a new video talent platform youCharades.com, where users can guess various titles acted out by their friends and fellow users, and also create their own charades and showcase the same to the world.

Rajagopal Menon, COO, Contests2win.com, said, “Given the massive explosion of online video consumption, we believe it is the perfect time to launch a global online talent platform like youCharades.com. The website combines fun, talent, friends and interactivity and is an ideal social meeting place. Young consumers globally are now very expressive and are always on ‘video on’ mode to record and demonstrate fun and interesting snippets of their daily life. With youCharades.com, we want to motivate them to showcase their enacting talent for their friends and possible for the entertainment industry. We have launched the website simultaneously across the top 100 Internet markets in partnership with Invizads.com and will be launching our social networking applications across popular sites within the next two weeks. We believe we are taking regular online video content to a completely new level.”

“We have used the Invizi ads network of gaming sites across the world to promote youCharades – banners used were mostly pre- and post-roll video banners. youCharades is banking on the fact that is it is truly viral – if you enact a charade, you would challenge your friends – if you cant guess a movie, you could seek help. The site will grow virally as that is how the best online brands are made,” Menon added.

In addition, youCharades is a Web 2.0 site with attractive features like video user generated content captures through webcam, alternatively one can record using a mobile device or handicam, transfer to the computer and upload. Charades are also embeddable as one can place it on their blogs, hobby site, etc.

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