C2W creates innovative promotion for Samsung on Hotmail and Yahoo

C2W creates innovative promotion for Samsung on Hotmail and Yahoo

Author | exchange4media News Service | Tuesday, Nov 02,2004 8:01 AM

C2W creates innovative promotion for Samsung on Hotmail and Yahoo

Samsung India will roadblock Hotmail and Yahoo Mail ‘back-to-back’ for six days. Contests2win.com announced the beaming of Samsung’s Diwali promo ‘PINning Toh WINning’ offer from November 1 to 3 on Yahoo and from November 4 to 6 on Hotmail.

They claim this promotion is the first of its kind not only in India but in the world. Hotmail and Yahoo have in excess of 10 million users. Samsung India wanted a complete domination of their target audience on the Internet in India and contests2win.com came up with this ‘carpet bombing’ idea of blocking Yahoo mail and Hotmail consecutively.

Alok Kejriwal, CEO of contest2win.com, said, “The idea is to create a massive earth shattering impact. The best way to do it, was to do a in the face campaign. The campaign starts on a Monday and is over by Saturday, the ‘in and out’ campaign generates over 10 million viewers”.

Contest2win.com claims that this buy will deliver 35 million views to Samsung in six days. This will finally result in over 10 million upwardly mobile and influential target audiences viewing this promo.

Asked why they had only chosen Hotmail and Yahoo Mail, Kejriwal, said, “In India the primary personal e-mail id for most people is either Hotmail or Yahoo mail. Other players are not that large, the tertiary market might be targeted later”. He added, “Contests2win.com has completely ideated, created, planned and executed the media buy for Samsung. We have also done these innovative promotions for our other clients who are now actively buying interactive solution on the Internet”.

Princy Bhatnagar, National Marketing Manager, Samsung India refused to disclose the worth of the deal but added, “This is like any other media buy, Samsung traditionally spends on conventional media but when this out of the box Internet plan was proposed, we realized “Own Hotmail and Yahoo!” would act as a force multiplier to our existing mass media campaigns”.

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