Buongiorno India gears up to capture growing Indian digital marketing space

Buongiorno India gears up to capture growing Indian digital marketing space

Author | Jagadeesh Krishnamurthy | Saturday, Sep 22,2007 8:52 AM

Buongiorno India gears up to capture growing Indian digital marketing space

In the present Indian digital market scenario, brands are constantly looking for innovative techniques to send their messages loud and clear to the appropriate TG. Digital marketing, be it through mobile or the Internet, has been one of the biggest beneficiaries due to this. Media planners and brand managers have begun to realise the importance of this medium in their communication package, enabling a lot of companies to tap this growing market. Buongiorno India too has big plans for the Indian digital market.

Buongiorno India, part of Buongiorno (Hong Kong) Ltd, has unveiled its plans to provide and distribute digital value-added services to the fast growing Asian and CIS markets.

Talking about the company’s plans in the country as well as the emerging market, Milind Pathak, Co-CEO and Country Manager, Buongiorno India, said, “We are into two lines of activities that include mobile VAS and digital marketing. With the gamut of services that we offer, we can support or work with brands in both the mobile and web space with ease.”

“Globally, in the mobile space, we are associated with multiple operators for our mobile advertising network that deliver campaigns or generate leads for our clients. Our Indian operations are very young and we are still in the process of understanding the nuances of this market.”

When questioned on the clients that they have onboard in their period of operations in India, he said, “We are talking to many brands and have some accounts on the digital marketing side, while we have around eight to nine accounts in the mobile VAS space.”

Speaking about the Indian industry, Pathak noted, “Nowadays, all brand managers are looking at the digital marketing space and all brands are evolved to some extent. In the mobile marketing space, brand managers and media planners are in an evolution stage.”

“Some of the sectors that are beginning to use the medium effectively in India are the financial companies for lead generation, FMCG for interactivity, services, automobile, technology companies,” Pathak added. He concluded with a positive outlook at this medium and expects to see more sectors coming in to use the medium.

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