Bucking the slowdown trend, Smile Interactive Technology Group gets into action

Bucking the slowdown trend, Smile Interactive Technology Group gets into action

Author | Tuhina Anand | Wednesday, Feb 11,2009 7:01 AM

Bucking the slowdown trend, Smile Interactive Technology Group gets into action

While the economic slowdown has led to a lot of companies embarking on job cuts and tightening their belts, Smile Interactive Technology Group (SITG) is looking at hastening its pace of growth. SITG has stepped up an ambitious project to create a dedicated digital delivery hub aimed at fulfilling the digital marketing, production and delivery needs of global brands. The company will be targeting the international markets through this initiative.

Explaining the rationale behind the launch at this point of time, Gopika Dawar, Business Director at SITG, said, “We are setting up a new unit and we think this is an appropriate time to attract the right kind of talent. When the talk around is of layoffs and cost cutting, we decided to leverage this to our advantage and get the right team on board.”

She elaborated on the plan for SITG, which is to ramp up the team further as there are several projects in the pipeline. She added, “India is seen as a low cost outsourcing hub, but there is also a hesitation on the quality of product that the country might deliver. We want to guarantee quality assurance and deliver the best in line.”

As a part of Quasar, a full-service digital agency, and now a WPP company, this hub will be led by a team of over 50 of the best digital professionals in the country. The rollout is expected in mid-February 2009.

“We stepped into the digital space in 1999, during the tumultuous days of the dotcom bust. However, it was during these times that we grew the fastest and laid the foundation for all the successes we are proud of today. What’s doubtful for others is an opportunity for us, and with a world-class digital delivery hub in place, Quasar is all set to stamp its authority as the digital leader in the Asia-Pacific region,” informed Harish Bahl, CEO, Smile Interactive Technology Group. He further said that the company was looking out for the best team to come onboard and that the industry would have a lot to look forward to in the coming days.

SITG is an Interactive Group spearheading the creation of valuable digital assets. Their vision is to continuously keep exploring and building valuable business ideas and entrepreneurs in the digital space, which would make lives of people more convenient and productive.

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