Brands are getting impacted on Twitter in a big way: Rohan Noroha

Brands are getting impacted on Twitter in a big way: Rohan Noroha

Author | Ruhail Amin | Wednesday, Jun 21,2017 7:54 AM

Brands are getting impacted on Twitter in a big way: Rohan Noroha

The sheer clout of social media has redefined brand marketing like never before. The huge volume of conversations across social media platforms provides brands an opportunity to interact with potential customers.

At the recently concluded Indian Digital Media Awards 2017, Rohan Noroha, Industry Manager, Twitter India, spoke about how brands were using social mediums, especially Twitter, as a reliable marketingplatform. “The question often asked is that why do users come to Twitter? I would say, simply because Twitter brings individuals together who can change thought like Prime Ministers, Presidents, CEOs etc, as well as well as individuals who carry mass appeal and this makes it all the more influential,” he says.

Also, the “two-way communication” that social media easily allows makes the platform even more relevant for brands. “Brands are getting impacted on Twitter in a big way. Today brands are engaging users in a two-way communication to share content and create opportunities of interaction. Be it 60 second social videos or live formats, it’s all happening on Twitter and brands are leveraging it to the fullest,” adds Noroha.

Popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and OTT players have transformed the way content is consumed. In fact, content consumption has become more ubiquitous than ever before. The phenomenon of ‘on-the-go’ consumption is becoming the new trend. “With the coming of OTT, we can view content anytime. This has also made us change from passive to active consumers of content andwe are moving from traditional to live. On Twitter, we are working with 200 video publishers and premium content providers to share content. Apart fromthe video content, it’s the open conversations that brands are relying on to reach out to consumers”, explains Noroha.

The new content consumption patterns are emerging largely because of the popularity of the mobile device. With almost 400 million smartphone users in India, content consumption is becoming more personal and brands are using it for better targeting.

Explaining this trend in content consumption and how brands are leveraging it, Noroha says, “In today’s time, before you access the news apps or the daily newspaper for any information, you know it’s happening on Twitter at that very moment.Twitter’s lean format is bringing in consumers to actually discover newer content and 93% of our users are on mobile. I would sayas attention spans are shifting to mobile, it has become lot more personal and brands are using it to target potential consumers in an efficient way.”

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