BPL Mobile and Buongiorno launch icon-based WAP site for subscribers

BPL Mobile and Buongiorno launch icon-based WAP site for subscribers

Author | Jagadeesh Krishnamurthy | Tuesday, Sep 25,2007 9:03 AM

BPL Mobile and Buongiorno launch icon-based WAP site for subscribers

BPL Mobile and mobile VAS provider Buongiorno have joined hands to launch an icon-based WAP site for the subscribers of BPL Mobile. The network provider is looking at creating properties on the WAP site for brands to advertise on, as it is of the opinion that brands can target their ads in a better way.

Elaborating more on the new site, Sunzay Passari, VP-VAS and Devices, BPL Mobile, said, “Currently, the WAP sites in India are not very user-friendly, using WML as the language, wherein the user is dependent on the content available for him in the list. With the XHTML BPL WAP site, customers will now have an improved interface for navigation and download, and would be able to discover content easily.”

Milind Pathak, Co-CEO and Country Manager, Buongiorno India, added, “The objective of all players in the VAS ecosystem is to provide rich quality experience to mobile subscribers, and the use of XHTML service is another step in this direction.”

Elaborating on the further plans for the site, Passari said, “We are looking at creating properties on this portal that can help us earn some profits. This will be relevant for companies as they can use it for targetted advertising. The ads can be customised according to the profile of the user, and I think it’s the future of advertising for products and services.”

Talking about the scope and future of mobile advertising in India, Passari noted that the country has more than 30 million mobile phone subscribers with Internet-enabled phones. “I believe a lot of people in India are experiencing Internet for the first time through their mobile phones. I foresee a bright future for the medium in this country. For our mobile TV service, which was launched a couple of months back, we might even look at moving towards ad-supported channels. In future, we might even see niche targetted mobile video advertisements personalised for individual consumers,” he remarked.

The WAP site has an application adaptation whereby if the handset supports a video streaming player, the WAP site would show Mobile TV. It also has content adaptation and renders different content to different users based on the ability of the handset. With XHTML, operators have a unique opportunity to create and implement visually appealing handset-compatible services that will satisfy the requirements of the future as well as ensure a smooth evolution path for current services.

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