Bindass' maiden fiction web series all set for Facebook premiere

Bindass' maiden fiction web series all set for Facebook premiere

Author | Madhuwanti Saha | Thursday, Apr 21,2016 8:04 AM

Bindass' maiden fiction web series all set for Facebook premiere

Youth channel Bindass is scheduled to launch its first fiction web series, ‘Girl In the City’ which will premiere on its Facebook page on April 28 followed by a telecast on television (April 29) and YouTube (April 29).

Shot in a 15 minute format, this 13-episode weekly series is a coming-of-age story of small-town girl who is pursuing her career in the fashion industry in Mumbai.  The primary sponsors of the series include brands like Castrol (title sponsor) and eBay India.

By premiering the show on Facebook, the channel is clearly leveraging its social media presence. Nikhil Gandhi, Vice President & Head - Revenue, Media Networks, Disney India, comments, “We have used this multi-dimensional exposure for this video series because it ensures a sharply focussed target audience and creates a lot of scope for virality. For instance, on Facebook we have a fan base of eight million users with a high engagement level of more than a million. Active users will be able to create virality on the network. Plus, we have seen multiple positive signs of how video consumption on Facebook works for us in a big way.  We will then go to our TV channel Bindass because we don’t want to isolate our hardcore television viewers followed by YouTube.”

Gandhi is confident that it’s a win-win scene for both the channel and Facebook, which has been lately experimenting around its streaming tool Live. For instance, recently Freemantle Media aired its new show using the Facebook Live feature. Then in January Reliance Industries took to the social media site to live stream its third quarter results. In Bindass’ case the show will be premiering on its Facebook page first.

 “It’s going to be interesting how Facebook will benefit out of content getting exposed on their platform. They are excited about it too,” says Gandhi. He further adds, “Facebook Live has lot of potential and is growing in the right direction. The whole virality quotient is at the highest over here. Very sharp demographic targeting can happen through this platform. Advertisers want to reach out to focused target audience and Facebook allows that engagement.”

Interestingly, the 15-minute episodes will be aired on television as well. But Gandhi is quick to mention that advertising slots have been taken care of as far as the commercials on the project are concerned.

“We planned out a proposition that works very well for them and our platforms. Our sponsors Castrol and E-bay will get exposure across all three platforms (Facebook, Bindass channel and YouTube), which I don’t think anyone else can offer today,” adds Gandhi.

Castrol will promote its Castrol Active Scooter Oil while the protagonist will be seen interning at eBay India. Bindass TV is also working to create real time with its audience for the show. “We will be creating a Meera Sehgal (name of the protagonist) Facebook page where she will be seen posting everything in real time. So you will have a digital star who is doing live interaction with her fan base on a daily basis. That’s unique for us,” shares Gandhi. 

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