TODAY´S NEWS to offer service in eight Indian languages to offer service in eight Indian languages

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Friday, Mar 07,2008 6:55 AM

A- to offer service in eight Indian languages, the social networking site of Reliance Entertainment, will now offer its users the option of communicating in eight Indian languages – Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada.

According to officials, such a move would not only help in bringing more personalisation to many communities across the country, but would also take Bigadda’s services to a much larger segment.

Speaking on the occasion, Siddhartha Roy, COO,, said, “Friends in a group converse in a language they’re most comfortable with, where even a single English sentence is interspersed with colloquial terms and vice versa. This holds true not only for Tier II cities, but also for metros, where the use of the English language becomes a class-defining factor. However, even the most eloquent among the youth use their mother tongue and colloquial terms while conversing with friends as being comfortable is the most essential factor when you’re with friends. Providing a service like this not only adds the element of fun to the messaging shared between friends, but also facilitates online physical behaviour.”

Unlike older transliteration systems used by other websites, users on Bigadda are not expected to type their regional language messages by following rigid, predefined mappings. The technology used by allows users to type intuitively, where the phonetic inputs from the user is automatically converted to the desired Indian language output.

Users can type English words, which get transliterated accurately to the target language, without converting the actual spelling of a word to its phonetic spelling. This is extremely important, as the English vocabulary used in our regular content is significant. enables networking and self-expression by creating, uploading and sharing of videos, photos in a public, yet private, space. Some of the features of this youth destination include blogs and scribbles, which help the users express, comment and connect, Addas (communities) and forums – all of these catering to one of the most important needs of the youth today – self expression.

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