Ben 10 powers Cartoon Network’s gaming plans

Ben 10 powers Cartoon Network’s gaming plans

Author | Preeti Hoon | Saturday, Sep 18,2010 7:42 AM

Ben 10 powers Cartoon Network’s gaming plans

TurnOut Ventures Ltd, in partnership with developer Typhoon Games Studio Ltd, has launched ‘Ben 10 Omniverse: Rise of Heroes’, touted as the very first multiplayer online game based on Cartoon Network’s animated series ‘Ben 10’.

Speaking on the digital initiative, Benjamin Grubbs, Regional Director, Turner Entertainment Interactive Media, told exchange4media, “‘Ben 10’ is very popular amongst kids who game online. Casual games based on ‘Ben10’ have performed well, so we wanted to see how we could take this further with an expanded gaming experience. ‘Ben 10 Omniverse’ is our first massively multiplayer online game developed in Asia.”

The online game has been developed keeping in mind its audience and users, and unlike other gaming properties on social networking websites or other microsites, the company is not looking to monetise it by selling the gaming online space to advertisers. Grubbs informed, “We have not focused on attracting advertisers to the game, but instead have focused on the gaming experience that kids have every day with the game. We already have kids and their parents paying money to buy virtual items in the game, which allows the game player to personalise their online character or advance the skills of the character.”

When asked whether they were looking at an audience other than kids, Grubbs replied, “Yes, we will have new gaming products in the near future that target young adults.”

On any change in content consumers when it came to the digital space, Grubbs said, “The online game players are primarily 8-12 years old and in line with our TV audience.”

The company is also positive on transforming ‘Ben 10’ viewers to its online game users. “We would like to see every fan of ‘Ben 10’ in India playing the online game by the end of next year,” Grubbs affirmed.

He further said, “We have opened ‘Ben 10 Omniverse’ for testing in a few Asian markets and the response from kids has been positive. The great thing about this game is that it is constantly a work in progress, so we are always receiving feedback from kids and taking that to our product team to consider a future feature release in the game.”

In ‘Ben 10 Omniverse: Rise of Heroes’, players take on the role of one of the students at Bellwood Elementary School, who find themselves trapped in a strange world and transformed into one of three types of alien creatures after the Omnitrix overloads. With Ben, Gwen and Grandpa Max to guide them, they face a series of challenges and adventures in a new world. The online game is currently available in Australia and Hong Kong (in English) only, but will be rolled out to other Asia-Pacific markets throughout the year.

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