Banned Fastrack TVC creating waves on YouTube

Banned Fastrack TVC creating waves on YouTube

Author | Shubhi Tandon | Thursday, Aug 04,2011 9:07 AM

Banned Fastrack TVC creating waves on YouTube

A recent Fastrack TV ad that has been banned by most television channels for its ‘adult content’ has been attracting a lot of attention on the web after being uploaded on YouTube on July 8, 2011.

The advertisement on a 20 percent off on all watches and sunglasses of Fastrack has had about 42,129, views up to date and the banner ad on the front page of YouTube received 35 lakh impressions on the first day.

A Fastrack spokesperson, said to exchange4media, “Since we were banned from the medium of TV, and were severely restricted in terms of the communication reach, we decided to associate with Youtube which would enable us to still be heard, despite having been curbed on other traditional media. We had faith that our customers would understand and react to the spirit of our TVC once they saw it on Youtube and the blanket censorship that we were victims of , would be negated by the free will of our online fans and supporters. “

According to the figures provided by Fastrack, the video was also shared 440 times on Facebook and "liked" 578 times on the same day as well. The company website also received a record amount of traffic and 74,000+ people went online on the website the first day.

Commenting on the move to upload the ad on Youtube, the spokesperson said, “For brands like Fastrack, who traditionally suffer from a lot of censorship because of the "daredevil" and "disruptive" image that we have, a free and unbiased platform like YouTube is a boon. It gives us a relatively inexpensive (as compared to other traditional media) yet effective platform where all biases are washed away, and the supporters of the brand themselves take control of the message, rather than letting censor boards or the media decide for us. This is exactly what we achieved with our ‘Flat 20% Off’ offer as well, where we managed to impactfully share our message with our fans and followers, despite huge resistance from traditional conservative media.”

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