Avoid tactical errors in digital marketing: Simon Clift

Avoid tactical errors in digital marketing: Simon Clift

Author | Saloni Surti | Friday, Aug 09,2013 8:02 AM

Avoid tactical errors in digital marketing: Simon Clift

Digital marketing is gaining strong roots in India, yet it continues to be a debated subject. While marketers are now investing in the medium, there are a few tactical errors that persist across the industry. Simon Clift, former Global CMO of Unilever explained that by keeping a few elements in mind, marketers can make their organisations more adaptive towards the changing digital marketing trends.

According to Clift, to acquire global success, organisations needs to look at various elements, including universal truth, purposeful positioning and total brand positioning.

Correlate digital with RoI
It often gets difficult for marketers to justify the kind of investment made in digital in terms of RoI. Sunil Gadgil, Director – Marketing, Nivea India raised the point that a number of times success across digital platforms fails to translate into real-time marketing share; thus, making it very difficult to correlate digital success to the main marketing agenda, which creates a lot of issues.

Clift pointed out that these situations are very rare, but if they still occur, they could be due to disproportionate investments or due to lack of quality content. “In countries like Germany, a number of brands invest as much as five times more in digital than in television,” he added.

Clift explained that television as a medium is not going to die for decades and thus, the right amount of investment in television and corresponding investment in digital can keep such situations at bay. Also, brands can look at creating independent metrics that would help in defining the RoI gains through digital.

Create brand ambassadors within
To convince that your brand is worthwhile to consumers outside, it is important that marketers let the employees live the brand so as to make them the brand ambassadors.

“For instance, Apple employees live their brand. In all organisations, social media employees should be the brand ambassadors,” stressed Clift.

The mobile disaster!
Television grew with the growth in quality content. However, content creators have not been seen taking initiatives to create higher quality of content for mobile, which is said to be ‘the’ medium for future, thus hampering the growth of digital.

There shall not be any definite answer to the content problem on mobile till the monetisation structure and data reach globally becomes stronger, explained Clift. Thus, marketers need to go beyond the annoying SMS and OBD calls and look at more engaging options such as applications.

According to analytics, there is a huge chunk of teen population in every country that does not access television, but is inclined towards mobile. Thus, marketers have a huge opportunity, provided they exploit it well. Clift added that there is still time for brands to come out with definite answers for content across mobile.

With the huge variety of media options and globalisation, consumer awareness that persists now is unheard off. Organisations need to be more accommodating in terms of digital marketing. 

Simon Clift shared his views at The CMO League, which was held in Mumbai. The event was sponsored by Zee, ABP News, Dainik Bhaskar, Laqshya Outdoors, AXN, India Today, Headlines Today and Business Today.

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