Arjuna’s arrows give Sulekha.com the zing

Arjuna’s arrows give Sulekha.com the zing

Author | exchange4media News Service | Saturday, Dec 06,2008 8:18 AM

Arjuna’s arrows give Sulekha.com the zing

Online classifieds and yellow pages portal Sulekha.com recently embarked on their latest integrated campaign – ‘Aaj ka Arjun’. The 2-minute animation film portrays the brand offering in a refreshingly innovative format.

The 2D animation takes the viewer through the whirlwind ‘buying and selling’ spree of Arjuna, the ace archer of the Epic ‘Mahabharat’, and engagingly communicates the brand’s broad based service offering in the local commerce space.

“We have essentially reinforced that Sulekha.com brings to the users an exceptionally richer user experience,” explained B Sridhar, Director – Global Branding & Marketing, Sulekha.com.

He further said, “We have always grappled with the conventional thought process, which tags classifieds and yellow pages as humdrum; we wanted to challenge that very notion. The new TVC puts the focus on content and disrupts the traditional orientation. The animation clearly reflects Sulekha.com’s brand promise while showcasing our pioneering position of reinventing the category.”

exchange4media spoke to some of the pundits of digital fraternity on what they feel about the ‘Aaj ka Arjun’ campaign.

Rahul Nanda, Chief Operating Officer, Webchutney Studio Pvt Ltd, remarked that the campaign was well executed. “It also gives the message of what Sulekha has been saying. It mirrors the brands image, message and symbols like the arrow,” he added.

Vivek Srivastava, Joint Managing Director, Innocean Worldwide India, said, “An interesting getaway from the oft used Bollywood fare, which is predictably spun around to that of a mythological figure, Arjuna highlights the core brand promise of being an all purpose high utility listing source.”

JWT is the agency behind the TV campaign. The film has been directed and produced by E Suresh, Creative Director, Famous House of Animation.

The 2D animation film uses a 1,000-year old folk art tradition of Orissa, called Patta Chitra Katha. This art form uses hand printed illustrations on dried leaves and ancient Indian mythological characters to tell stories.

Senthil Kumar, Executive Creative Director, JWT Chennai, said, “The visual language of the Patta Chitra Katha art form will help the company to cut across all language barriers. Everybody in India can understand the message and story of the film. It will keep the viewers engaged because they will be curious about the source from which Arjuna procures the products and because it is only at the end that the secret is revealed.”

“The constant feature across our various ad campaigns has been the presence of the arrows. The arrow represents the cursor of the mouse – as soon as you click on the mouse, you get an instant response. Thus, the arrow in the ad indicates that you are reaching the right target for a quick delivery or response when you click on Sulekha.com. We have essentially reinforced that Sulekha.com brings to the users an exceptionally richer user experience,” added Sridhar.

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