Annap Interactive Solutions launches SaaS-based Social Video Intelligence & Analytics platform, BrandMaxima

Annap Interactive Solutions launches SaaS-based Social Video Intelligence & Analytics platform, BrandMaxima

Author | exchange4media News Service | Tuesday, Mar 28,2017 8:38 AM

Annap Interactive Solutions launches SaaS-based Social Video Intelligence & Analytics platform, BrandMaxima

Annap Interactive Solutions, a Chennai-based start-up has launched BrandMaxima, a SaaS-based Social Video Intelligence and Analytics platform. BrandMaxima will help content creators, channel owners, brands, and multi-channel networks (MCNs) to maximize their YouTube/Facebook (video) organic views, grow their subscriber base and earn more revenues on YouTube.

With its advanced features such as content improvements, audience insights, community management, and loyalty platform, it’s not just another video analytics tool but a must-have video intelligence platform for content creators to fuel their channel growth

Vignesh Annamalai, Founder of Annap Interactive Solutions, said, “Unlike the peers, BrandMaxima offers cross media performance, which lets the channel owners spot the virality of their videos and build efficient strategy to promote their videos across social media.”

Karthick Annamalai, Co-Founder of Annap Interactive Solutions, added, “We received lots of appreciation for BrandMaxima during our beta testing with real users, especially, BrandMaxima's unique EZ Website Integration, which offers easier and template solution to content creators for integration of their social videos with their website (built on any platform) in just two steps.”

Key features of BrandMaxima:

Audience Engagement

With the help of Brandmaxima Analytics and Decide, you can identify the best time and day of the week to upload your new video. Additionally, you can discover the Best Video Duration and Category that interest your audience.

Audience Insights

You can discover who your audience is, the place they originate from, what devices they use and the playback locations. The more data you have about your audience before uploading content, the better you can tailor that content to engage and drive action.

Competition Analysis & Benchmarking

With comparable graphs and charts plotting your Youtube Channel/Facebook Page growth in comparison to your competitive accounts, you will have the capacity to better put your Social Video Channel achievements in context.

Cross Media Performance

More than 20 per cent of the traffic generated for popular videos is generated from external sources like other Social Media platforms and Third Party websites. Understanding these external sources, which send the most traffic to your videos is very important to make more informed decisions for your marketing outreach.

Community Management

Community Management involves two major functions: 1) Subscriber Management 2) Comment Management. The Subscriber Management tools help you identify New Subscribers, Lost Subscribers, and Potential Subscribers. Knowing your potential subscribers will help you increase your subscriber base and having the list of the lost subscribers will help you to regain them to your subscriber base. Sentiment Analysis is a key offering in the comment management tool, which will help you to understand the reaction for your video from your fan base and which video worked and which did not.

Loyalty Platform

BrandMaxima offers a unique Loyalty Management program for Youtube and Facebook Subscription and Engagement. The Loyalty platform helps you increase your subscription base and improve the engagement of your existing subscribers/fans. Every subscription, comment, reaction, and share of your fan base will be converted as reward points and you will get a customized leaderboard to identify the top engagers and reward them.

Content Improvement

More than three billion searches are done every month on YouTube, which is much more than Bing, Yahoo, and AOL combined. Video content including Video Title, Description, and Tags play a vital role in improving the ranking in a YouTube search. The BrandMaxima Engine provides suggestions for Content improvement in a detailed report.

Website Integration

BrandMaxima offers a customizable, automatic integration solution for your social videos on YouTube and Facebook to your existing website. Your site will be automatically updated, whenever you publish a new video.

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