Andhra Jyothi goes digital

Andhra Jyothi goes digital

Author | exchange4media Chennai Bureau | Wednesday, Apr 19,2006 7:22 AM

Andhra Jyothi goes digital

Telugu daily Andhra Jyothi has gone digital. Pressmart, an e-paper division of Hyderabad-based Bodhtree Consulting Ltd, has developed the e-paper.

“We have a huge number of young techie expats from Andhra Pradesh who are scattered all over the world. It was their persistent demand that we upload the full daily as they have been reading back home through an e-paper module so that they, too, can feel the fragrance of their home soil as their counterparts do here,” explained V Radhakrishna, Managing Director of Amoda Publications Ltd, publishers of Andhra Jyothi daily.

Readers can log on to http://andhrajyothy.com/epaper and read verbatim all that the print version offers. Presently, the main edition of Hyderabad with its district supplement is being uploaded for netizens.

“We had launched our news portal, Andhrajyothy.com long ago. However, this e-paper would serve them even better as people are habituated of reading the news exactly the same way as they read their hard copy in the morning,” added Radhakrishna.

KRP Reddy, General Manager-Marketing, explained that the e-paper would also serve the advertising fraternity well. He contended that besides feeling the daily on their desktop for their own scrutiny, they could also check their own ads as well as ads placed by others. The daily has plans to promote the e-paper through extensive promotions through its own pages and through other cross-media means.

Andhra Jyoti claims to have become the first Telugu daily to launch its e-paper in Andhra Pradesh. Pressmart has also had developed e-papers for Birmingham Post, The Dawn, The Sun, Emirates Today, Evening Telegraph, Hindustan Times, Hindustan, Lokmat and others, said an Andhra Jyothi release.

As of now, the daily has 20 editions, 18 of which are published from Andhra Pradesh and one each from Bangalore and Chennai. The latest IRS 2006 (R1) figures show Andhra Jyothi to have registered the highest growth in number of readers in the language in Andhra Pradesh. From a base of 21.56 lakh readers in 2005 R2, the daily has added 2.38 lakh readers in the current study.

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