Amazon, Flipkart indulge in friendly banter

Amazon, Flipkart indulge in friendly banter

Author | Ankur Singh | Thursday, Feb 26,2015 8:42 AM

Amazon, Flipkart indulge in friendly banter

A rather friendly banter between rival brands is hard to see in today’s excessively competitive market. An image, posted by Reddit India on Twitter last week, is doing repeated rounds on social media, showing Flipkart’s reception having a parcel from Amazon India placed in the corner.

This image tweeted by Reddit India from its official handle let to a sporty Twitter banter of sorts between the two brands.

As many Twitter users began mocking the Indian e-commerce website after this post, Flipkart responded to the tweet by saying that the Amazon packaging was used as a garbage can in the reception area.

Here are excerpts from the Twitter conversation between the brands:

The reactions were seen on Facebook too. Here are some excerpts:

Amazon and Indian e-commerce company Flipkart have a history of strong rivalry. Flipkart's founders worked at Amazon before quitting the firm in 2007 to start their own e-commerce venture in India with a very similar business model. It is no news that the startup is now one of India's largest online marketplaces.

Amazon, on the other hand, entered India officially in June 2014. However, it was already part of the Indian market when it acquired price-comparison site Junglee in 2012. Soon after Amazon officially entered India last year, Flipkart raised $1 billion in a funding round. Soon enough, Amazon announced its plan to pump in $2 billion into its Indian operations.

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