All hail! Web18’s new TVC for Buzz18 seeks to make worshippers out of fans

All hail! Web18’s new TVC for Buzz18 seeks to make worshippers out of fans

Author | Rishi Vora | Thursday, Jul 12,2007 9:11 AM

All hail! Web18’s new TVC for Buzz18 seeks to make worshippers out of fans

Web18, part of the TV18 Group, has unveiled a TVC for its new entertainment website, which was launched on July 5, 2007. The campaign has been conceptualised and executed by The Cell, an in-house agency of the TV18 Group.

The commercial broke on television screens on July 8, 2007.

The Cell came up with the concept of dedicating a shrine to Bollywood stars, given the fact that Bollywood fans worship the stars; and then create an analogy with fans worshiping the website as for them it would cover all areas of the entertainment world.

“The idea was to convey to our viewers that their new ‘god’ was and that they will find everything and anything related to entertainment here,” said Zubin Driver, Network Creative Director, TV18 Group. “It’s a reality in India that people consider stars as gods, and in some areas like South India, people even worship them,” he said giving the logic behind such a concept.

The website offers a complete package of information pertaining to music, movies, celebs, reviews, interviews, features, etc. The campaign targets people across India and abroad who are strong admirers and followers of the film industry.

“It is true that these stars are the biggest icons. Our ad says that here there is something which is probably bigger than the biggest in the entertainment industry,” said Chandrima Pal, Editor,

Commenting on the advertising strategy, Pal said that the idea behind the campaign was to use the same theme of dummy gods throughout various media. “Besides the TVC, we have also placed print ads with Hindustan Times and are in talks with The Times of India as well. We are also planning to place our ads with one of the FM radio stations and would be soon covering outdoor media as well,” Pal said, adding the strategy was to use each medium in a staggered manner for better effectiveness and reach.

The company will use all websites under the TV18 Group as a tool to promote their new brand in a more cost effective manner.

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