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AirChord launches audio and video converged platform for web and mobile

AirChord launches audio and video converged platform for web and mobile

Author | exchange4media News Service | Saturday, Dec 08,2007 6:09 AM

AirChord launches audio and video converged platform for web and mobile

Multi-media streaming company AirChord has launched a free service, which lets individuals and commercial channels to upload their content and stream it live on the web and mobile 24x7. AirChord is the first multi-media platform to enable live audio and video streaming on mobile for personal, audio-lifestyle communities.

Users can create their own audio or video streams, tag their content and share it with a community. The capability to share and access audio and video streams exists, but is limited by GPRS data speeds. However, the service provided by AirChord does not require much buffering and can also be accessed through WiFi, depending on the phone’s capability. The software is available in Symbian and J2ME platforms, while WINCE and BREW versions are in the offing.

With their tie-ups with commercial content providers from radio stations to TV channels and music labels, AirChord users can access commercial content or individual content of their choice both on the web and mobile, that is, they can tune in to any radio, TV or video channel from their mobile phones.

This application has been developed on a proprietary technology, which allows high quality music and video broadcast over small data throughput. The application will allow users to access numerous feeds across the world, and gives them linguistic choice to access and share their personalised content. The upload facility allows the users to upload content from their handsets using the client and GPRS connection or through the website.

Sanjay Sinha, CEO, Airchord Televenture Ltd, said, “Over the years, we have seen media moving from 70 mm to TV, and now the paradigm shift is taking place towards smaller screens, which will become the medium of interacting, watching and listening to worldwide events as and when it happens.”

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