AGL India launches domain registering website YoFroggy

AGL India launches domain registering website YoFroggy

Author | Shubhi Tandon | Thursday, Sep 15,2011 8:28 AM

AGL India launches domain registering website YoFroggy

Internet marketing company AdGlobal 360 (AGL) has launched a web domain booking portal called YoFroggy.com. The aim of the website is to offer digital marketing solutions to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in India.

Besides offering website domain name registrations and hosting options, the website will also offer the customers marketing tools to use the website as a sales channel.

Talking about the target audience for the website, Rakesh Yadav, Head, AGL India, said, “We were focusing on big clients earlier as they are profitable. But we realized that there are a huge number of SMEs in India, on whom no one is focusing. So we decided to come up with a solution for these companies and came up with the idea of YoFroggy. We have deliberately made sure that all our technology is simple to use even for people who are not so tech savvy.”

“Not every SME would have the budget for print and TV marketing for itself, so we thought of coming up with an offering on the digital platform that is scaleable,” he added.

The website also incorporates marketing tools for the website owners such as Google AdWords, business enquiry capturing tools, Google analytics and a mobile version of websites.

Yadav explains, “Our aim is to become a one-stop shop for all the digital needs for the SMEs. We want our customers to use our services not just for setting up a website, but also as a sales channel. Usually SMEs use the website as a visiting card on the Internet. We want to provide them with a marketing channel and use the website for lead generation as well. This will help SMEs set up a shop for themselves online.”

The websites also provide social media website widgets to integrate with their website. There is also a mobile version of the websites available for the users.

AdGlobal is working with Google on spreading awareness is about the advantages of internet as a medium for SMBs. AdGlobal is also a Google certified partner since 2009.

The website allows domains to be registered starting from Rs 85 for first year of registration.

Talking about the marketing strategies, Yadav said, “We are looking to conduct roadshows in Tier II cities to spread awareness in the next quarter. We are also talking to big players in Indian market for a strategy partnership.”

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