After online radio, Shyam Radio launches IPTV

After online radio, Shyam Radio launches IPTV

Author | exchange4media Chennai Bureau | Saturday, Oct 27,2007 8:05 AM

After online radio, Shyam Radio launches IPTV

After making its mark on the online radio space, Shyam Radio, the first online Tamil radio from Chennai, has launched an online Tamil TV, Shyamtv.com. Claimed to be the first of its kind, Shyam IPTV is currently webcasting clippings and songs, and there are plans to offer entertainment capsules akin to regular TV channels, in the future.

Dr Shyam, Founder, Shyam Radio and Shaymtv.com, said that news and current affairs were also a possible on the IPTV. Speaking about the response, Dr Shyam said that it was too early to speak since Shaymtv.com was launched just a week ago, but that “those who have seen the TV are appreciating our effort”.

“Our TG is in the overseas and the non-Tamil TV channel zones. We will also package our programming content accordingly,” Dr Shyam said, adding that the programmes would be more creative than the regular satellite channels. “We will also cater to the audience on an individual level, by uploading the songs or scenes that they have requested, and then inform them about the time slot when their request would be played.”

“We also have the advantage of global time change. For example, the advantage for regular television is the primetime viewing. The shows telecast on the primetime garner maximum viewership. But that is also a disadvantage for them as Indian primetime will not be primetime in the US or some European countries. We can also offer different programming at different timings for each country,” Dr Shyam explained.

Dr Shyam was of the opinion that IPTV would also throw in a lot of opportunities for advertisers who would want to target the overseas audience. He elaborated that travel websites and other advertisers advertise on regular channels. The cost for the same is very high, while at the same time, their TG is not hooked to regular channel. Therefore IPTV is the best vehicle for advertisers who want to target the overseas audience. Besides, viewers who click on the advertisement would be routed through the company official website which would result in instant response, he added.

Shaymtv.com will leverage the popularity of Shyam Radio to promote the IPTV. “We have 10 listeners’ choice programmes daily on Shyam Radio. Using that as a platform, we plan to promote Shaymtv.com. We are also planning to promote the channel through individual mails, as well as make the Shaymtv.com link available in several other Tamil entertainment websites. This is a futuristic step and we are using all the available technology to give audience the best we can. We have to further improve the TV in terms quality. Technology is ever evolving and therefore we should keep pace with it. Constant updating of technology and marketing is imperative to be successful in this space,” Dr Shyam said.

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