Affle launches new engagement options for SMS 2.0 advertising

Affle launches new engagement options for SMS 2.0 advertising

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Saturday, Jun 06,2009 8:51 AM

Affle launches new engagement options for SMS 2.0 advertising

Mobile media company Affle has announced the launch of a technology, which would allow advertisers to derive significantly higher Return on Investment (ROI) from their mobile advertising campaigns on Affle’s SMS 2.0 service. Affle has launched new engagement options like add to contact, add to calendar and add to bookmark for SMS 2.0 advertising, which aim at creating a paradigm shift for advertisers as their mobile advertising campaigns could now have much richer interactivity options, which would significantly enhance the value an advertiser could derive on this medium.

Anuj Kumar, Executive Director (South Asia) Affle, said, “With the launch of these enhanced interactivity options on SMS 2.0, we are very confident of adding longevity to an advertiser’s campaign, and also providing them unmatched interactivity. On an overall level, I am very confident that this would help us attract more advertiser partners and also provide them a unique and valuable engagement.”

He further said, “These options would be particularly beneficial to companies who would want users to call them for fulfillment of transactions like restaurant chains or for those who would want to build appointment like TV channels, or to those who want to drive higher traffic to their mobile/website.”

Since the launch in India, Affle claims to have had significant success in building partnerships with leading mobile network operators, advertisers and agencies, making its SMS 2.0 service the largest rich media on mobile, delivering over 125 million monthly impressions. The returns from these new interactivity options could now be reaped by these advertisers much beyond their campaign period, as the contact and calendar entry will continue to stay on the user’s phone. With the launch of these new interactivity options, Affle expects to add a lot more value to its partners and significantly enhance mobile advertising effectiveness much beyond the traditionally defined campaign period. This is thus expected to significantly boost the rapidly growing mobile advertising industry in India.

Affle offers cutting edge technologies with a value proposition for consumers and business partners. Affle’s SMS 2.0 service has been deployed across Asian markets with multiple mobile network operators and has already become one of the largest mobile media in India.

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