ActiveMedia Technology, moving a step ahead of plain vanilla SMS interactivity

ActiveMedia Technology, moving a step ahead of plain vanilla SMS interactivity

Author | Pallavi Goorha | Friday, Dec 09,2005 7:29 AM

ActiveMedia Technology, moving a step ahead of plain vanilla SMS interactivity

Keeping in mind the increasing usage of SMS interactivity as a tool by leading players, ActiveMedia Technology, which provides mobile marketing technology and campaign solutions, enable clients to target brand messages and content, thus improving the effectiveness of marketing spend through the mobile medium.

Said Raj Singh, ActiveMedia Technology (AMT), Executive Director, “In 2006 the use of Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) shall intensify. Hence, it is time to move beyond plain vanilla SMS interactivity. It is an interesting development for two key reasons – one, the medium enables access to a larger audience by reaching out to people who are not very SMS savvy; secondly, IVR enables access to consumers with fixed line phones. There are around 45 million people out there who do not have a SMS capability, so the medium enables a much wider reach to consumers who could not even be targeted earlier since there is an additional audio dimension to campaigns now. Audiences can hear messages and take part now. Hence, it is a tool for greater communication by taking interactivity beyond text.”

He further said that usage of Java and WAP-based applications would rise dramatically. The critical mass of penetration that is being reached of GPRS and Java enabled phone is on a significant rise. For example, 25 per cent of the subscriber base now has one of these handsets and the base is constantly growing as people are upgrading their handsets.

It is estimated that in the next 18 to 24 months GPRS and JAVA enabled phones would achieve 50 per cent penetration, hence, half the exiting base of subscribers would have these handsets.

With the price points of these phones dropping dramatically, affordability is increasing uptake dramatically. This enables opening of another dimension to do rich media activity on phones that use Java-based and WAP-based applications. Therefore, it becomes more viable and interesting for brands to start capping this capability, particularly for urban and metro centric audiences.

“Mobile-based CRM Activity is going to increase dramatically. A lot of companies have been using pool-based SMS campaigns – contests, polls, etc. The key question then is how can companies effectively leverage that database through direct marketing activity and hence utilize this database for CRM. At AMT we are already working in that space with our client and I strongly feel that using mobile for CRM activity is going to significantly rise in 2006,” asserted Singh.

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