ActiveMedia introduces mobile marketing via Bluecasting

ActiveMedia introduces mobile marketing via Bluecasting

Author | Pallavi Goorha | Monday, Sep 04,2006 8:50 AM

ActiveMedia introduces mobile marketing via Bluecasting

ActiveMedia has introduced an innovative marketing tool which offers intelligent mobile applications. The company now provides a mobile fulfilment solution that allows companies to advertise and popularise their brands using Bluecasting on mobile.

The concept of Bluecasting is based on the creation, delivery and transfer of content to mobile phones via Bluetooth communications. Bluecasting is a proximity marketing solution, which allows brands to communicate to users via Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones. Bluetooth is a standard for radio hardware and operating software, which are embedded in consumer electronics like mobile phones, digital cameras and printers. All Bluetooth devices can ‘talk’ to each other using this standard and share information with each other.

ActiveMedia recently successfully launched its Bluecasting solution with a pilot campaign with retail brand, Passion My Cup of Tea at their Vasant Vihar outlet in New Delhi. Mobile bluecasting allowed customers to avail of a ‘buy 1 get 1 free’ offer on green apple ice tea. All that customers had to do was switch on their mobile phone’s Bluetooth connection to instantly download the mobile coupon and then flash it to get their complimentary beverage.

The offer was communicated using two banner POPs, which were strategically placed outside the premises of the outlet. The banner urged people to switch on their Bluetooth to get a free offer coupon from Passion My Cup of Tea, which were delivered to the mobile phones using a special Bluecasting device installed at the outlet within a range of about 70 metres.

During the four-hour campaign period, a total of 40 coupons were downloaded by customers, of which 12 were redeemed. The 30 per cent coupon redemption rate achieved was far in excess of that typically seen using traditional paper coupon promotions run by brands.

Raj Singh, Executive Director, ActiveMedia Technology, said, “ActiveMedia has always been at the forefront of technology driven mobile marketing solutions. We are constantly innovating to give our clients new ways to capitalise on the mobile medium. Bluecasting is an exciting new mobile communication form that is increasing supported on mobile phones. Our Bluecasting product opens up new opportunities for brands to connect with their target audience.”

According to Amber Paintal, Head, Advertising and PR, Passion My Cup of Tea, “At Passion My Cup of Tea, we constantly strive to not only to provide our patrons with exciting innovative offers but associate ourselves with cutting edge technology to enhance customer satisfaction. We are extremely excited to work with ActiveMedia Technology for this pilot. Mobile Bluecasting is the future of digital communication, and we remain committed to harness its potential at Passion My Cup of Tea.”

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