6 Digital brand campaigns that stood out on Twitter this Women’s Day

6 Digital brand campaigns that stood out on Twitter this Women’s Day

Author | exchange4media News Service | Wednesday, Mar 09,2016 8:04 AM

6 Digital brand campaigns that stood out on Twitter this Women’s Day

At the start of this week, brands ranging from big as well as the newer ones kick-started their marketing activities around Women’s Day. While the focus has been mainly on the digital platform, brands have been quite active on the other marketing platforms as well. On Women’s Day, we saw many age old brands like Reebok, Horlicks, Amul, Kohinoor and Titan Raga rolling out campaigns celebrating the spirit of womanhood. All throughout the day on Twitter, numerous hashtags were trending and a lot of conversation happened around it. 

On the occasion of Women’s Day, we tried to list down 6 digital brand campaigns which stood out on Twitter.


Reebok rolled out its new campaign #FitToFight featuring Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut. The campaign conceptualised by McCann shows the actress pushing her own personal limits, and expanding her mental and physical strength, by sporting a tough look for the ad. She narrates her own inspiring story through the lens of fitness. The hashtag #FitToFight was trending Twitter with people sharing their own views on fitness.

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Brand Kohinoor released a campaign titled ‘Women’s Day Every Day’ which highlighting that no matter, which day it is; a woman never fails to fulfill her duties. So, we don’t need any one specific day to celebrate womanhood, every Day should infact be Women’s Day. Hashtag #KohinoorWomensDayEveryDay was trending on Twitter towards the evening.

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Horlicks India promoted the concept of I am #StrongToTheBone, on the occasion of Women’s Day. It ends with the powerful message that when the world takes a break, I decide to keep going. I choose to be strong!

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Titan Raga:

Titan Raga, which in the past has come out with campaigns supporting women empowerment, has  come out with a new campaign titled ‘BreakTheBias’, which has been conceptualized by Ogilvy & Mather and highlights the issue of gender bias at work. The film leaves the audience with a very powerful message.

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Amul, the brand known for its innovative advertising this time celebrated woman power. The film beautifully captures those little yet delightful moments, when a mother and a daughter show extreme care for each other. It portrays how milk being the purest form of energy, keeps them and their relationship, healthy. Twitteratis used the hashtag #AmulWomanPower to share the campaign and talk about it.

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The campaign ‘Share the Load’- why is laundry only a mother’s job?, which was launched by Ariel towards the end of February, was trending on Number 1 spot on Tuesday. The first part of the campaign ‘Share the Load’rolled out last year, questioned the stereotype of household chores being a feminine responsibility alone and urged men to participate equally. Taking the same theme forward, the brand this time in their new communication, conceptualised by BBDO India, acts like a clarion call for all dads to remind them to share the load and participate in household chores.  Through the question- ‘Is laundry only a mother’s job,  the ad aims to ensure that every man sets a right example in front of his children by participating equally in household chores.

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