5 social media gaffes to learn from

5 social media gaffes to learn from

Author | Swati Nathani | Monday, Feb 09,2015 8:19 AM

5 social media gaffes to learn from

We all came to know how much NDTV’s Office sucks.

Someone from NDTV Good times’ (Well, what an irony) office, ended up making a blunder and tweeting this:

Twitter was filled up with extremely witty responses and the tweet got rated multiple times. NDTV, a couple of hours later, came back with this witty response, which earned them applauses for their sportiness:

Learning: One can undo the mistakes with a witty reply.

2. Poor thing Malala:

The whole Twitterati Congratulated Malala Yousafzai on winning the ‘Nobel Peace Prize’. However, some of them had a different way. Jackky  Bhagnani called her Masala, while Naomi Campbell called her ‘Malaria’. We are again ROFLing!

Learning: What’s in a name? Does it matter? Yes it does autocorrect.

3. And some Company Secrets were also revealed:

Apparently, Twitter’s Chief financial Officer, Anthony Noto, published a tweet which was supposed to be a DM, and Twitteratti was in for some good gossip around it.

Learning: Be careful what you tweet as you could be the reason for all the buzz and gossip

4. Just when the country was discussing about safety of women, CNN IBN came up with a shocking selfie campaign on Twitter, where they encouraged women to post pictures of the clothes they were wearing, when they got harassed. Seriously, whatever happened to women Empowerment? The campaign had a wonderful message that no matter what women wear, they get harassed but their strategy backfired. How could they possibly not piss off people if they approach a sensitive issue like this?

Learning: Dress code doesn’t matter, what is done to keep women safe does matter.

5. Selfies at Martin Place

The Sydney siege was surely a horrifying incident, but what was more horrifying were the selfies of the onlookers. Many tourists and onlookers were spotted cheerfully clicking selfies outside the Martin Place. These posts and pictures received a lot of heat from the public.

Learning: You think selfies are in and cool, not here, not the right place.

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