‘Podworks’ debates on nuances of podcasting threadbare

‘Podworks’ debates on nuances of podcasting threadbare

Author | exchange4media Chennai Bureau | Tuesday, Jun 12,2007 9:02 AM

‘Podworks’ debates on nuances of podcasting threadbare

Chennai seems to be the hotspot for emerging social medium ‘unconferences’. After successful events like Bar Camp Chennai, Blog Camp, Proto.in and Wiki Camp, Chennai was the host to another yet another emerging new social medium of podcasting. ‘Podworks’, a two-day event organised by The Knowledge Foundation (TKF), saw the convergence of 150 enthusiastic participants from across the country debating on the nuances of podcasting threadbare.

The event, which is based on a unique two-day unconference kind of workshop, saw people participating from all walks of life including students, trainees, IT professionals, bloggers, corporates, etc. Apart from basic knowledge on how to create and upload pocasts, the event also covered topics like how to use podcast effectively in corporate intranets, using podcast in secondary schools, tips on how to get started with video podcasting, and how to monetise one’s podcasts, among many other exciting topics.

“Podworks is aimed at enlightening the people about the nuances of podcating. Podcasting is increasingly used by many individuals and corporates as a new tool of communication. With this, we believe it to be the most happening form of technology. Podcasting is to radio and TV; just the way blogging is to print journalism. While blogs have turned many bloggers into journalists, podcasting has the potential to turn podcasters into radio and TV personalities,” said Kiruba Shankar, one of the organisers.

“The unconference style actually helps in breaking the ice. We learn to come out of self-made shell and start interacting with others which an easier way of nerworking,” said Syed, one of the members of TKF. He added that since TKF is defined by the event it conducts, care is taken to make each event a memorable one.

Apart from major sponsors like Yahoo! India, Sify and Zoho, the event saw sponsorship from Nautanki TV, India Interacts and Clip Stream Live.

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