‘Magic Fingers’ brings out virtual masseurs among online gamers

‘Magic Fingers’ brings out virtual masseurs among online gamers

Author | Priyanka Borpujari | Wednesday, Jul 04,2007 9:12 AM

‘Magic Fingers’ brings out virtual masseurs among online gamers

Although gaming still has a nascent market in India, gaming website Games2win.com is optimistic about the growth of this market. The website has around 150 games and is still adding many more to its portfolio. The latest game that is already making the senior management at Games2win happy is ‘Magic Fingers’, which is based on body massages. The game was launched on the site just five days ago and has already seen a huge traffic – with around 7,000 players each day.

‘Magic Fingers’ merges the elements of a sensual massage with complete game-play and very original visuals. The game sets the player in the role of a masseur with the challenge to give the perfect massage to three clients. The game’s difficulty increases with time spent on each client decreasing, and hence increasing accuracy required for each massage given. The mouse has been programmed to replicate the hand movements of a masseur on the neck, back and legs, and there are also increasing levels of pressure possible.

According to Alok Kejriwal, CEO, Games2win.com, people in India were slowly beginning to accept gaming as another option of entertainment. “India gaming companies are not exploiting even 5 per cent of the vast opportunity that we have before us. The Indian market is growing, but Indian games are already very popular internationally.”

“The virtual world draws a lot of ideas from the real. Everyone does not have a penchant for games based on racing, firing, and other heavy duty action games. India is a humorous country with silly incidents that can be made into fun games. We are experimenting on the themes of our games, and they are doing quite well internationally,” elucidated Kejriwal.

Explaining the concept of another game ‘Bombay Taxi’, which is based on the parking nuisance in cities like Delhi and Mumbai, Kejriwal said that people in Norway found it quite intriguing that a car could be parked between a beggar and his dog, and the game was thus a huge hit among the Norwegians. Games like ‘Kissmat’ – based on the idea of kissing a girl and not getting caught – are popular among the BPO crowd since “romance in the office is prohibited and therefore such themes excite them”.

Seeing the popularity of ‘Magic Fingers’, Games2win is planning a sequel. The two-year-old gaming company relies heavily on word-of-mouth publicity among the community of online gamers, and hence not much mass media campaigns are visible.

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