Content should have universal appeal: Sudip Ghose

Content should have universal appeal: Sudip Ghose

Author | exchange4media News Service | Friday, Apr 15,2016 4:44 PM

Content should have universal appeal: Sudip Ghose

The digital age has provided brands with a cost effective way to reach people at mass as well as to target specific cateogries of people. For example, where at one time, a brand would have to take the expensive route of regional television to target regional language speakers, it is much easier to and cheaper to do this through digital media. However, the content becomes important as it must not lose its relevance. Sudip Ghose, VP (Marketing) at VIP Industries, spoke to us about the importance of having the right content strategy while targeting vernacular language speakers.

Can you give us a glimpse of your strategy when it comes to using digital vernacular medium to target audiences across geographies?
This is an age where everybody is connected to and uses the internet. There is a large chunk of people who consume and experience content through this medium. Being a mass market brand with a number of different sub-brands we generate various type of digital content. The way we distribute it also depends on the audience. For example, a lot of people go to YouTube to watch music videos so a pre-roll add might make sense there. There is a pattern to media usage by audiences and we create media plans for certain type of content.

How important has this medium become as part of your activities?
It depends from sub-brand to sub-brand. So, for example, for Alfa, we do a lot of stuff since we do not want to miss out on anything. However, the thing is that you cannot just use digital. It works best as a compliment to traditional media.

Going forward, what is the roadmap with regards to digital vernacular content?
This is very brand specific. For Alfa, it will be very low since it is a premium brand but we will do a lot for brands like SkyBags. Each brand will have their own strategy.

What are they typical obstacles that one faces when partnering with or creating regional content online?
It is important to have content that has universal appeal. That is my main aim. If you start creating different content for each and every category then you will be in trouble.

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