1. Digital Branded Content

Digital branded content is any content created to promote a brand that is audio, video, text and/ or pictorial in nature on digital platforms like social media, blogs, video/podcast sharing platforms, etc.

Any brand/agency which has used a single platform or a combination of these digital platforms to promote their brand/clients through content is eligible to participate in this category.

For Example:

  • A brand may have used facebook as the only platform to promote its content
  • A brand may have used twitter as the primary medium and other platforms as the secondary mediums to promote its content

2. Best Branded Content on TV

Branded content on TV is any content either sponsored or created by client to promote its brand/product/services through television. The brand values need to be intrinsic to the content.

If there is content created by broadcaster and a brand has sponsored it because it is in sync with its brand values or if there is a brand which comes up with content that is clearly created to deliver its brand values, it is eligible to enter under this category

3. Best Integrated Content

Any brand that has used audio, video, text or/and pictorial content across multiple digital and/or traditional platforms to promote a brand/service or product is eligible to enter in this category

The focus should be cohesive trans-media story telling rather than just patching onto other media.

The key is to link the content across all media to one story where the mediums are used effectively and not just to amplify the content.


  • If a brand X decides to use radio for storytelling, it could have the same story or an extension of that story across online blogs/tv/social media.

4. Best Marketed Branded Content on Digital

Any brand/agency which has used digital effectively to market their content can enter this category. This category revolves around how digital platforms were used for leveraging the ecosystem to popularize the content.


  • Tweetchats, online contests, etc

5. Branded Content Turned Property

If any branded content which was created to engage the audience turns into a property because of its popularity, it can be entered into this category.


  • Self created IP’s.

6. Best Branded Content on Social Media (twitter/facebook/ linkedin/ instagram/pinterest)

Any brand which has used social media to address a brand challenge and/or to drive engagement can enter this category.

This category will be judged based on the quality of content, coherence with brand values and measurement of engagement by percentage.

7. Best Print Content

Any brand that has used innovative ideas to drive conversations through newspapers/magazines can enter this category. How the medium has been leveraged to utilize the property is the key.


  • A coffee brand which has the smell of coffee integrated in a newspaper, a musical newspaper, masthead changed for a brand

8. Best Radio/Audio Led Branded Content

Any brand which has used radio as a medium to distribute content in which brand philosophies are very subtly integrated through story telling can enter this category.

9. Best Crowd Sourced Branded Content

Any content which is sourced through crowd to start conversations and increase brand engagement can enter this category. This category is all about how a brand/agency got the crowd to generate the content.

The entries could also be around a contest that was run to get influencers/non-influencers to create content.

Example: any content created through contests can qualify under this category.

10. Best Use of Mobile Medium for Content Marketing

Any brand/agency which has created content specifically for mobile or used mobile as a primary/secondary medium to promote its products/services through content marketing can enter this category. This may include the use of games, apps, cross-screen marketing, etc.

11. Best Branded Content- Annual Strategy

Any brand or agency which has an annual marketing and communications strategy(calendar) which is content driven can enter this category. Consistency and continuous effort is imperative. This could include film tie-ups, digital videos, print campaigns, podcasts, etc....

This category needs to be specifically supported by the following.

  1. Annual Calendar- Timeline of activities held round the year.
  2. Case studies which include
    • Overall strategy
    • Objectives, execution and results of each activity
    • Overall impact on the brand
12. Best Character Led Branded Content

Any brand which uses characters from movies, novels, etc to market its content can enter this category

Eg. Star wars pack by Horlicks

Material Requirements

All entrants under this category need to submit the following.

  • AV
    • Objectives
    • Idea
    • Execution
    • Results
  • Creatives/Sound clips/Videos/screenshots
    • 300 Dpi Jpeg
  • Relevant Reports: (TRP Report, TAM/RAM report, Analytics, etc.)

It is mandatory to submit all the above listed materials. Failure to do so will result in disqualification of the entries

The Google Drive Link should be made public before sharing

Judging Criteria
Criteria Weightage (%)


How clearly the objective was defined

  • Issue Addressed, if any
  • Target audience


  • What was the idea
  • How creatively and innovatively was brand story communicated
  • How was the technology used?


  • Coherence of the content with brand values
  • Integration of brand values in the content
  • Effective use of medium/mediums


Was the objective achieved? (ROI in terms of rate of lead generation, Engagement rate (Likes, Comments, Shares), Paid views vs organic reach, Overall buzz in terms of conversations , Overall impact of strategy on lead generation, Overall impact of strategy on conversation rate)