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Media has moved to a business that is increasingly audience centric as the audience now commands the power to choose. Media consumption is gravitating towards increased use of interactive platforms that are not tied to a single location or confined to the display of a single type of media. Media programming is being promoted and distributed across a wider array of platforms. As the reliance on single platforms and channels decreases, the reliance upon quality storytelling, information, design and promotion increases.

Complexity is the byword of the current media-scape. We are dealing with both elaborate technology systems AND human behavior. In this complex and changing media world everything traditional is being challenged at once, channels and platforms continue to change and to proliferate; new types of programming and storytelling are still emerging. There are lessons to be remembered and lessons to be learned as they occur. One constant in this seeming chaos remains: the native ability of Indians to rise to challenges related to mass media communications with innovative thinking and creativity. The exchange4media Conclave 2013 will touch upon various aspects of Challenges of the Changing Media, Marketing and Communication Landscape.

The exchange4media Group organises its flagship event exchange4media Conclave every year, as an attempt to bring industry stakeholders – corporates, media service brands and media owners - on the same platform to discuss the changing global communication industry, with specific focus on India.

Taking off from the event last year, where the discussions focussed on ‘Marketing 3.0: As data, technology and consumer insights take Center stage.' the theme of the 12th edition of Conclave is ‘Challenges of the Changing Media, Marketing and Communication Landscape’ The exchange4media Conclave is the only national forum that focuses on the media agencies side of the business. In addition to this, the exchange4media Conclave has marketers at its core. The Conclave brings under the scanner various aspects that impact these industries.