CannesLions2014 Cannes Lions Special: This year Cannes is about data: Daniel Morel

Cannes Lions Special: This year Cannes is about data: Daniel Morel

Author | Priyanka Mehra | Tuesday, Jun 17,2014 8:15 AM

Cannes Lions Special: This year Cannes is about data: Daniel Morel

Daniel Morel Chairman and CEO Wunderman, talks about, how data is fast taking on the centre stage in making communication more effective and the creative community is at last realising the importance of data. He also commends Cannes for introducing more categories to award talent in various sectors. Morel has transformed Wunderman into one of the largest digital marketing network in the world, with 20+ companies covering every aspect of relationship marketing, and some of the world’s best known brands as clients such as IBM, Microsoft and Nokia.

How is Cannes different for you this year?

Everybody is talking about data. This year Cannes is about data and Creative people are finally really waking up to the reality that they need do work in a much deeper manner on the communication going out to consumers, they are now going to be evaluated on it, the bar is being raised. Communication has to be effective and has to achieve the goal of selling products as opposed to making a splash or an announcement without checking the impact and effectiveness of the communication. This is a great thing and very good news for our business, which is growing on the back of data.

What are your expectations from Cannes this year?

Getting awards. This is very important for our colleagues, our sector is not very well known the recognition really helps in motivating existing people as well people who would want to join. Creative people need to be recognised and we want people to be recognised and win. Healthcare for example,  is a difficult area to recruit people, I am glad Cannes has introduced it as a new category, so people can be awarded in this sector, before it was only TV and Radio  then Direct,  PR, Creative Effectiveness were introduced as new categories.

The more ways Cannes has to recognise talent the better it is.

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