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CannesLions2014 Cannes Lions Special: Metals for India were so rare before: Prasoon Joshi

Cannes Lions Special: Metals for India were so rare before: Prasoon Joshi

Author | Priyanka Mehra | Friday, Jun 20,2014 8:43 AM

Cannes Lions Special: Metals for India were so rare before: Prasoon Joshi

Prasoon Joshi, Executive Chairman and CEO, McCann Worldgroup India and President, South Asia and India’s very first Titanium & Integrated Lions Jury President, talks about why Cannes 2014 is special to him and his favourite Cannes memories over the years.

Cannes 2014 is special to me because …

Cannes is a huge learning exercise, where you get to hear diverse points of view.

Representing Asia here gives me an added responsibility to sensitise people towards Indian sensibilities.  

Cannes is truly a festival unlike other award shows which are about the award night, Cannes is not about the award night but about the conversation you and me are having right now, it is about the conversation you have around the work, this is what builds sensibility.

Titanium is all about what has not yet happened, it is futuristic and indicative in nature. It is how far you can go in providing a solution to a marketing problem and how innovatively you can do so. Is it dependent on one media? No. It can be absolutely media-neutral, which is why there are very  few Titaniums.

Personally this year Cannes is different for me as my family has joined me.  Family is comforting, and children take the stress away.

Best Cannes memories …

Cannes has changed over the years, there are many client interactions that happen here. I used to thoroughly enjoy coming to Cannes when I used to come as a young creative guy, I used to be looking at everything wide-eyed, didn’t know a lot of people at Ogilvy.

Best memory is always when you win, I won for Coca Cola’s ‘Thanda matlab Coca Cola.’ Going on the stage for the first time, metals for India were so rare, and winning two Gold Lions. I remember walking with the Lions and Indian people getting pictures clicked with you.

I miss spending time with Neil French, I would spend evenings with him just conversing about music, poetry. He is great writer and reads a lot.

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