CannesLions2014 Cannes Lions Special: Celebrating the new dawn of advertising and marketing

Cannes Lions Special: Celebrating the new dawn of advertising and marketing

Author | Rohit Dadwal | Tuesday, Jun 24,2014 8:08 AM

Cannes Lions Special: Celebrating the new dawn of advertising and marketing

As the flight took to the skies I caught myself dwelling on the big learnings in the last four days at Cannes. The thing that struck me most was the experience of attending sessions across various streams from marketers, to technology and solution providers and the big celebrities. It was really interesting to see the overall theme this year, which really touched upon technology, which is producing some great solutions to help people around the world.

Advertising and marketing are utilising new technology to help build connections, emotions and engagement with the people.

The whole purpose of advertising is to generate that emotion and connect. In a lot of scenarios in the case studies and presentations it was very evident that in the new age of advertising and marketing, technology that is all about digital and mobile solutions is already playing a very active role. This in turn is helping marketers reach the next billion users as well as help build connections with the existing consumers as well.

The new breed of creative thinking that’s coming into play is challenging the old guard because they definitely want value to be added to the work that they are doing. The millennials, the new breed of creative and media people are starting to evolve the solutions in their minds from creative and media aspects to make sure that they touch upon people’s lives in a manner that has not been done before. It definitely poses a challenge and a huge opportunity of doing things differently.

The whole idea of connecting to the people, which was being done ‘to’ the people earlier, is changing to marketing ‘for’ the people, the new advertising solutions are starting to do that. That reflects the change in the field as we move forward.

It was really encouraging to see some great work coming out of India. To top of it off Unilever India’s Kan Khajura Tesan mobile campaign won a total of four Lions including three Gold, and was shortlisted for best Integrated award. Unilever’s case study Kan Khajura Tesan is a great case of seeing a marketer like Unilever reaching out to people to provide a smile on their face and the power of the emotional connect. This particular case study was about the dark media consumers and how a device like mobile can enrich their lives and bring a smile to them.

It was all about how the new storytelling, creative and new ideas are taking shape and these are great learning’s that people are willing to take back, willing to learn from markets like Brazil, Indonesia, Turkey and others, Brazil being a big winner at Cannes this year. Brazil, I believe they have already gathered over 50 metals. It is also an emerging market and has a lot to show for a market like India. It is really heartening to see that the creative and advertising community from India is willing to take the learnings and best practices from markets like Brazil and other developing markets.

Another observation is this buzz around big data. There were enough talks that clearly amplified the discussion that we need to step aside from big data and look into the human aspect of insights of what it actually means, how it’s contextually relevant in advertising and marketing. And how all these learning that we have from the data that is being acquired digitally can be used to provide a better connection, engagement with the consumers.

It's really not only all about technology but about how it turns the means to an end for the human connect that we want to build with the ‘people’ and not ‘consumers’; the whole discussion about moving away from the word consumer to people is taking center stage and is really important as we move forward in the new age and the new decade of marketing driven a lot by technology.

To summarise, it has been a lot of fun and learning and I think in a market like India which has a lot more to achieve and to do, is to take the big learning’s from the great work that’s happening outside but also to take the great work that’s happening inside India and showcase it to the world in a manner that is helpful and productive, in a manner that is engaging and also at the same time celebrating the success that they have had.

Rendez-vous l'année prochaine , Jusque-là.

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