CannesLions2013 People look forward to the work from India @Cannes: Piyush Pandey

People look forward to the work from India @Cannes: Piyush Pandey

Author | Priyanka Mehra | Thursday, Jun 20,2013 8:52 AM

People look forward to the work from India @Cannes: Piyush Pandey

Ad guru Piyush Pandey, Executive Chairman and Creative Director, South Asia, Ogilvy & Mather has been attending the Cannes Festival for 19 years now. He talks about the evolution of the Festival over the years from an India perspective, his most memorable moment and more…

What does the 60th year celebration of Cannes mean to you? How have you seen the Festival evolve?
Cannes means a lot to the advertising and marketing fraternity; that is why you see the numbers going up every year. Sixty years is a way of establishing that this has been a leading Festival.

When I attended Cannes Festival for the first time in 1995, there were three of us from India. Now there must be around 200 people. Today, there is an Indian on almost every jury. I have seen India’s presence increase over the years; when I say presence I mean recognition also. People look forward to the work from India and we are on the world stage. Today, we are given a lot more respect than we were given in the early 90s.

What is your most memorable moment of Cannes in all these years?
It is when I was invited to be the President of Film, Print and Poster jury in 2004. It was a great experience.

Otherwise, every moment is memorable. You meet all your friends from India and across the globe. I have been coming to Cannes for 19 years now.

What do you think of the work you have seen so far?
Media changes but the idea is will never change. New media has come in, so you see a lot of expression in that. Youngsters are thinking wildly.

What do you think of India’s performance till now?
I am very proud of India’s performance.

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