CannesLions2013 Juries do not spend enough time on each entry: Cannes Lions Juror Santosh Padhi

Juries do not spend enough time on each entry: Cannes Lions Juror Santosh Padhi

Author | Priyanka Mehra | Thursday, Jun 06,2013 8:22 PM

Juries do not spend enough time on each entry: Cannes Lions Juror Santosh Padhi

Santosh Padhi, Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder, Taproot India, popularly known as Paddy, has been on numerous juries this year – Adfest Pattaya, The New York Festivals and the upcoming London International Awards.

Paddy is also on the Press Lions jury at the prestigious Cannes Lions 2013. He talks about looking forward to the 60th year celebrations at the festival this year, his objective as juror to make sure that good work does not slip by, entries he is betting on and more...

Dos and Don'ts for judging the awards...
I'm ok if an average ad gets into the shortlist, but will keep an eye to make sure that some of the good ones do not get slipped out in the first round itself. We, as part of the jury, will be responsible for the outcome and also if something is missed.

Passionate creative people spend days creating ads, but it’s seen that juries do not spend enough time for various reasons. I will make sure I give enough time to each entry no matter what logo is there at the bottom of the ad.

Historically, I tend to fight a lot over such sessions; will try to keep my cool as much I can.

Expectations from Cannes 2013...
From the preps, it looks like this is going to be a grand year for sure. I am looking forward to soaking a little more of everything I assume (including beer/wine). Hope India breaks all its past records in terms of the metal tally, so does Taproot India.

Cannes 2013 is different from other years because...
There are some wonderful speakers apart from the best of the best creative guys being the Jury Presidents this year. They have been promoting the 60th year very aggressively and I'm sure the experience will be phenomenal. The Cannes Lions App, which is introduced this year, is wonderful; one can see the Grand Prix winners since the 1950s. It will certainly be very handy during the festival.

Paddy’s pick of Indian entries...
I'm answering this on the basis of what I have seen at Goafest shortlist. Apart from some nice craft entries in print, I really did not see any piece of print work that I would put my monies behind. Some decent ideas with basic execution and vice verse, but as we all know O&M did not participate in Goafest and there could be some campaigns coming from them, apart from the work that’s been produced in last four months (Jan 2013 – April 2013), which also qualifies at Cannes.

Here is my pick in other categories: I feel Nike should do well in Film Craft, O&M’s Lifebouy Roti is an intelligent piece of work; so is the Vodafone Ear Muff – both have a good chance in Promo and Direct. I loved Lowe’s Lifebouy TVC, the TataSky Break Prison TVC done by O&M, KBC Girl Child TVC by Burnett – they all have enough Indian content in it and wonderfully told stories. In 2008, no one thought India would come back with two dozen metals, with multiple Golds and Grand Prix; let lot more surprises unveil for us this year at Cannes.

Highlights of Cannes over the years...
Looking at some mind boggling ideas everyday for a week – that makes you feel you are in the right business. This process has been a huge learning for me for last so many years
Meeting some Indians working abroad and some Indians who work in the next building as well
Spending some time over the beer post the closure of the Auditorium
Even if you don't want to visit a place called 'Gutter Bar', you will end up being there; if not at 12 in the night than 3 in the morning. But this year me being on the jury panel, I may have to give a skip to few

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