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Brand Yatra: The Officer’s Choice Journey about making the Right choice

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Brand Yatra: The Officer’s Choice Journey about making the Right choice

ABD flagship brand, Officer's Choice, is the 2nd largest brand in the prestige whisky segment in India. The brand is now positioned with a baseline ‘Jagaiye apne andar ka officer’. The new campaign enumerates the needs and aspirations of a common man, to constantly do well and make the right choices in life.


This year the prestige whiskey segment brand, Officer’s Choice is all set to cross the 12 million cases mark. Officer's Choice whisky attained the third position among the top 15 whiskey brands in India, in Impact (2007) and was rated the fifth largest whisky brand in the world in the Millionaires supplement (2006). The brand is now positioned on the righteousness platform with its new tagline ‘Jagaiye Apne Andar Ka Officer’.

Past and current agency- Metaphor Advertising:

Roopak Chaturvedi, Director, Sales and Marketing, Officer’s Choice, said, “Officer's Choice, as the name suggests, was a brand that was portrayed to be the preferred choice of naval officers and hence, it was aspirational to the consumer. The brand positioning flowed from this thought and hence the tagline – ‘Challenge Yourself’, was thoughtfully created. The campaign then focused on the daredevilry and bravado of the officers and how they could overcome any challenge, making the consumer feel strong and macho when he chose this brand.”

“However, though the sales were showing a healthy growth, the brand itself seemed to be stagnating. The positioning was old and outdated in terms of the consumer today, who did not really look up to naval or army officers now, as much as they used to. Through an extensive research, the OC consumer was described as someone who is busy working hard to meet his needs and requirements. Often he is not given the importance he deserves, he is not really respected by those around him and he knows that he cannot be an officer of the kind portrayed by the brand,” added Chaturvedi.

New Positioning:

“Therefore a re-positioning was devised keeping in mind the TG, where the brand would celebrate the officer in each and every one of us. The campaign highlights the subjects that are relevant to the consumer and exhort him to make the right choices, because he too is an officer. It touched upon the social issues he faced and how he could overcome them by making the right choices, by not faltering, by being steadfast… by being an officer. The new campaign is positioned on righteousness and aims to awaken the officer in you. Therefore the tagline, Officer’s Choice – ‘Jagaiye apne andar ka officer,” said Chaturved.

He further added, “The new campaign is based on the righteousness platform through a deep and insightful understanding of the TG. It is a tribute to those who have stood up for what they believe in. No matter what obstacles they face, they will always do the right thing. They conduct themselves in a manner that they bring out the officer within. The campaign embodies the aspirations of the common man who wants to be recognised for his deeds. He ensures that he lives up to his moral standards and ethics. He does his duty and would not waver from it. He is truly an officer in real life and the campaign acknowledges his contribution. Officer’s Choice has taken a bold step to position the brand on the righteous platform and take up social issues.”

“We have spent significantly on advertising both in ATL as well BTL. On ATL alone, the spends have substantially grown from Rs 1.6 Crore in financial year 2007-08 to Rs 5.2 Crore in the financial year 2009-10. In order to build the imagery of the brand we have taken the huge hoardings sites, gantries, pole kiosks, rickshaw backs, bus shelters, shop signage etc. The brand got great visibility and acceptance. Other initiatives taken involve program like Salaam Bengal and Salaam Rajasthan. The concept is designed to celebrate the contribution and achievement of the common man,” said Chaturvedi.

Cue: From ‘challenge yourself’ to ‘awaken the officer in you’.

The tagline has been changed from ‘challenge yourself’ to ‘awaken the officer in you’, which is more aspirational and also guides the consumer in a direction where he can find his own self-esteem. Make him feel proud of his everyday deeds.

Agency Perspective:

Senior official of Metaphor Communications said, “From day one, the brand has stood for being the drink that officers choose. Hence, it becomes the drink the consumer would be like to be seen with. It made the brand aspirational and heroic. Those were the times when patriotism and the military were highly aspirational. However after having conducted an extensive research, we found that the consumer was low on self-esteem. He still held the armed forces in high regard but the imagery was not very aspirational anymore, because they have enough going in their own lives. Their existence was only about survival and they looked to conduct themselves the best they could, in the meager amount that they made. They looked after their families, their parents and though unrecognised for their deeds, they quietly went about doing them. It was the perfect time for the brand to move forward and endear itself to the consumer. By acknowledging him and his contribution, by recognising his deeds, however small, by showing him that everyone has an officer, a righteous person in him. All they had to do was awaken him, and thus the new campaign was born. The brand became a path breaker in its category by positioning itself on the righteous platform and taking the social route.”

He added, “Earlier OC had a brand ambassador in Parmeet Sethi, but the current campaign is positioned on righteousness where it recognises the everyday deeds of the common man. Hence there is no one better to be the brand ambassador than the protagonist – the common man himself, who we have used for the communication.”


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