Zenga Entertainment taps into the ad potential of mobile on the back of IPL

Zenga Entertainment taps into the ad potential of mobile on the back of IPL

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Thursday, Apr 16,2009 8:19 AM

Zenga Entertainment taps into the ad potential of mobile on the back of IPL

Zenga Entertainment has signed a deal with TMT Investment on April 14, 2009, following which it is the exclusive mobile partner for DLF IPL T20 for five years, starting 2009. Zenga is using the Indian Premier League (IPL) platform to open up the mobile users to the full potential of the medium and the new opportunities that the medium presents for advertisers in various markets worldwide, including India.

In the current scenario, Zenga has the rights for all kinds of mobile content that would be generated for IPL. Shabir Momin, CEO, Zenga Entertainment, explained that even as the deal was signed very close to the matches and there was much that Zenga could do not do, but the mobile content expert was geared to bring the users a “unique, advanced and engaging” experience of this emerging medium.

At present, television hogs most of the cricket lover’s attention. How much is Zenga expecting from the mobile users for IPL in this backdrop? Momin replied, “The target market is very large and we are working with very conservative numbers to begin with. However, in a market like India, where unlike markets such as the UK and the US, the connection is separate from the handset, users upgrade handset frequently and quickly.”

The overall handsets estimated in India at present are 380 million. Momin added, “At present, 80 per cent of the handsets in India are GPRS-enabled and any handset that has a GPRS connection can actually be targeted.”

However, Zenga is excited about the move from 2G to 3G networks and the value that this would bring to the mobile experience. Another point that was made here was that Zenga has managed to achieve streaming even in 2G, which the team sees as a unique driver.

Momin admitted that right now there were no precedents in India to gauge what the mobile traction could be for a property such as this, and what value add this could bring to the advertiser. He said, “This is really the first step, and IPL is probably the best platform since people pay money to watch cricket.”

Zenga has partnered with Matrix for the monetising of its initiative in this direction, and there is a lot that the two partners have put together for this initiative. GroupM ESP’s Hiren Pandit spoke on the larger picture here. He said, “The mobile medium has been touted to be one of the strongest growing mediums in times to come, and this is a strong step in that direction. Mobile allows you interactivity, and though obvious, the mobility factor as well, which makes it a significant two-way medium, and soon more important than television for many advertisers.”

Adding further, he observed, “The conversion rate of the medium would be higher since the user can click on the commercial just then as the consumer is presented with the opportunity to react and respond. The whole business of advertising would see an impact with such platforms picking up.”

He explained that at the cost per thousand basis, the price points of the service would be comparable to television. Zenga has also focussed on customising the ad messages to the mobile screen following the BCCI guidelines on the subject. There is also a game designed especially around this initiative, where the option of in-game advertising has been made possible.

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