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ZDNet to provide content to radio and TV broadcasters

ZDNet to provide content to radio and TV broadcasters

Author | NULL | Wednesday, Apr 04,2001 12:00 AM

ZDNet to provide content to radio and TV broadcasters

ZDNet, a wholly-owned subsidiary of C-Net Networks, a content provider for websites and print medium, has decided to offer content to radio and television broadcasters. The strategy is expected to widen its revenue stream. The company is in talks with major players in FM radio like Times, Zee and Mid-Day for providing radio content.

The company plan to introduce the international content of C-Net radio, once the 20 private FM radio stations become operational. ZDNet and C-Net have adopted another strategy wherein the companies will not operate simultaneously in the Asian region.

In other words, only one of them (which is stronger in terms of reach and audience) will continue to operate, while the other will either close down or will not start its operations at all.

As part of the strategy, C-Net continues to operate in Taiwan, Malayasia and Hong Kong while ZDNet has remained passive by not starting its operations in these countries. On the other hand, in India and China, C-Net has shut its operations while ZDNet continues to operate.

Zdnetindia will now have access to the international content of 25 countries from C-Net and also the advertisers of C-Netindia will be transferred to ZDNetindia.

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