Zapak revamps Rocket Raja with new ‘Life is Fast’ TVCs

Zapak revamps Rocket Raja with new ‘Life is Fast’ TVCs

Author | exchange4media News Service | Monday, Jun 18,2007 9:25 AM

Zapak revamps Rocket Raja with new ‘Life is Fast’ TVCs

Zapak Digital Entertainment Limited is now ready with the ‘Life is Fast’ series of TVC for the launch of its new email service. The USP for the mail service is ‘Fast and Simple’. The TVCs have been based on this theme and depicts how basic things are moving at a fast pace, and similarly a fast mail service. The campaign is based on real life situations.

Arun Mehra, CMO, Zapak Digital Entertainment Ltd, said, “The reason for launching this new ‘Life is Fast’ series of TVC is that the Indian Post and Telegraph Services sent a letter of objection to Zapak Mail last week, stating that the TVC of Rocket Raja commercials does not show a postman in a good light and is hence offensive to their sentiments. On receiving the complaint, the ADA Group Company pulled the advertisement off-air. Zapak had to fill the vacuum of Rocket Raja. Therefore, Zapak revamped Rocket Raja with the ‘Life is Fast’ series.”

Explaining the logic behind the new campaign, Mehra said, “Life is moving at a fast pace today. Then why not an email service that is fast too? Zapak launched the mail service to fulfill this gap for customers. Zapak Mail is fast and based on that, the campaign depicts daily situations, which also could be moving speedily. The campaign is funny and whacky and sure to put a smile on your face.”

The ‘Life is Fast’ series has three TVCs. One is based in a cemetery, and shows a priest performing the last rites for a dead man. The speech is kept as short as ‘Goodbye’ for the deceased. The people who are supposed to lower the coffin in the pit are in such a hurry that they dump it in the pit and just carry on with their daily routine. The next TVC shows a couple exchanging wedding vows to spend the rest of their lives together. The priest then asks the groom to kiss the bride and before they finish, he is slapped with the divorce papers. The last TVC is a bedroom scene where a couple is shown getting cosy, the husband then kisses the woman on the cheek and she instantly gets a swollen stomach, indicating pregnancy.

Mehra said, “The TVCs have highly exaggerated situations and that is what will make people smile.”

Mehra explained that the three TVCs would be rolled out from June 18 onwards across all Hindi mass channels, news channels and movies channels.

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