Yeh hui na campaign: Compaq Presario unveils TVC featuring Shahrukh Khan

Yeh hui na campaign: Compaq Presario unveils TVC featuring Shahrukh Khan

Author | exchange4media News Service | Saturday, Mar 11,2006 10:10 AM

Yeh hui na campaign: Compaq Presario unveils TVC featuring Shahrukh Khan

He is King Khan, and his impish charm brings a fresh wave of humour in Compaq Presario’s new TVC, which is a part of Hewlett Packard’s mega promotion, ‘Yeh Hui Na Baat’ for the promotion for Compaq Presario range of notebooks and desktops.

HP PSG India, Vice-President, Ravi Swaminathan, said, “As industry pioneers in home computing and mobile computing across the world, we have continuously worked towards positioning PCs as a ‘must buy’ consumer durable product. This Compaq Presario promotion with Shahrukh Khan is an attempt to reach out to consumers across India and reiterate the Compaq promise of a world- class product, distribution and service quality the brand offers.”

Shuchi Sarkar, Head-Marketing, HP, said, “The aggressive 360-degree marketing campaign covering print, electronic media, radio, outdoor, sales promotion and merchandising will reach out to consumers. We are targeting all major dailies, vernaculars, Hindi mass channels, news media, niche channels like Discovery, and movie channels. We will be buying SRK movies over the last two months. We will be doing ads in the Internet in the future. We are trying to make the product a mass product.”

Publicis India, Vice-President, Sandeep Madan, said, “Our main idea was to use Shahrukh Khan to communicate the idea and spread the message in a humorous way. It was nice working with Shahrukh as he is a guy who’s a gadget freak.”

The film opens with two women – and Indian and a foreigner – checking out some Compaq Presario desktops at a Compaq store. Their attention is diverted by a man in the store. While the Indian girl instantly recognises him, the foreigner takes him to be a salesperson. She begins to ask him about the various products in the store, and the man (Shahrukh Khan, or course) replies to her queries interjecting his replies with a flirty statement in Hindi.

The conversation goes thus – “Is this the latest Compaq Presario Desktop?” asks the foreign girl. SRK replies, “International wonder, Indians love it. Jaise main aapko… You get a free HP printer, aur saath main mera dil bhi.” SRK asks the foreign girl her phone number, when the real salesman returns with SRK’s notebook, saying, “Your Compaq Presario notebook and a free mobile Internet card.” As SRK starts to leave, the foreign girl, who is actually completely cued on to the prank, speaks in chaste Hindi, “Number nahin chahiye?” Hint of the Sue-DJ banter in ‘Rang De Basanti’ anyone?

Said Shahrukh, “In the 21st century, desktop PCS are not only a boon for professionals but also a useful aid in children’s education. I have seen computing add tremendous value to me both at work and at play-inside the home and on the move. I am a technology buff and my latest passion is playing games on my laptop, which is really addictive.”

“Yeh Hui Na Baat promotion reminds me of my blockbusters where people have always walked out of cinema halls feeling satisfied that they got more for less. I am sure their experience with Compaq Presario will be equally satisfying,” he added.

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