Yahoo! India to launch aggressive multimedia blitz

Yahoo! India to launch aggressive multimedia blitz

Author | NULL | Monday, Jan 01,1900 9:17 AM

Yahoo! India to launch aggressive multimedia blitz

Yahoo! India is in the process of rolling out a total communication package, which includes an aggressive multi-media ad campaign and ground promotions. Targeted at ‘potential users’, the ad campaign includes a print campaign comprising three press advertisements and a radio spot. Designed by Ogilvy & Mather India, the ad campaign highlights the advantages of using Yahoo! India mail in its communications.

To support its mass-media advertising, the company also plans to launch a host of ground promotions across the country. As part of its promotion strategy, the company has recently kicked off a host of roadshows titled ‘Yahoo! India Mobile Academy’ in Mumbai.

Yahoo’s advertising strategy is based on available market research. “Nasscom estimates that the number of Internet users will double in the next one year, and will be about 13.5 million by April 2002.” The market research also indicates that nearly 45 per cent of the time spent on the Net is for accessing mail.

With the tagline—There are million reasons to get on to e-mail—the visual of the first press advertisement shows two old men discussing the perils of postal services today. The headline reads as: “My doctor says when you lick stamps, germs go in and cause stomach aches.” Deviating from the techno-savy print ad campaigns, the company has adopted a humourous route to spell out its benefits.

As part of the media strategy, the company plans to launch the print campaign in leading newspapers across the country.

At present, Yahoo! India has over 100 content providers for various properties like news, finance, movies and sports. According to the company sources the daily page views from India to the Yahoo! network is in excess of 80 crore a month and the total number of user registrations on Yahoo! Network from India is 1.63 crore.

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