Xpress Money’s new video points out age-old stereotypes associated with women

Xpress Money’s new video points out age-old stereotypes associated with women

Author | exchange4media News Service | Saturday, Mar 12,2016 8:20 AM

Xpress Money’s new video points out age-old stereotypes associated with women

Global Money Transfer brand Xpress Money launched a new film on the occasion of International Women’s Day, titled ‘Bridge The Gap’. The film has been conceptualized and produced in-house by the Xpress Money team.

The objective of the film is to point out the common stereotypes associated with women across the globe because of their gender. Stereotypes such as; women can’t make good drivers, or that they are not good with numbers and finances. Although women have proved their mettle throughout history, across different fields, certain stereotypes have always haunted them. It is because of these misconceptions, that there remains a gap between the reality and popular belief. Through this film, the brand is creating awareness about these misconceptions and myths with an aim of bridging the gap.

 The real challenge was to address the problem of stereotypes faced by women, without making it sound too feminist. The message in the film is not just directed to a certain section, but to everyone (society at large) who knowingly or unknowingly falls victim to these misconceptions. It is not an outburst of anger, but a reasonable mocking of certain baseless stereotypes.

 “There are so many baseless stereotypes about women. Like they can’t drive or manage finances. On the contrary, women head some of the biggest financial institutions around the world and manage household budgets with finesse. Today, almost half of the world’s migrant population comprises of women. They are not only taking care of themselves, but also their families. Since we interact with thousands of women across the globe daily, we understand their angst when they are subjected to such stereotypes. Through this video, we are hoping to raise awareness about these unnecessary gender stereotypes which our society can most definitely do without ”, said Ashwin Gedam, VP (Marketing) at Xpress Money.

 The film features women representing different nationalities, who are faced with similar stereotypes, irrespective of the country they come from.

Xpress Money plans to take this campaign beyond the video, through social media and raise awareness and create conversations on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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