WorldSpace to air new campaign showcasing depth of its medium

WorldSpace to air new campaign showcasing depth of its medium

Author | Jagadeesh Krishnamurthy | Wednesday, Apr 11,2007 9:00 AM

WorldSpace to air new campaign showcasing depth of its medium

WorldSpace, presently the only satellite radio in the country, will air its new campaign that intends to showcase the different genres of music available through the medium. The new campaign, which will go on air from April 13, will feature AR Rahman, brand ambassador for the company, talking about the different music genres available on WorldSpace.

Titled ‘Music Lovers’, the new campaign with the first set of four commercials, will target niche segments of the audience according to their music tastes. Talking about the media plan employed for the campaign, Harshad Jain, CMO, WorldSpace, said, “We will be using a mix of some of the entertainment and news channels. At least to my knowledge, this will be the first time when four commercials will be launched together and each one of them will be aired on a different channel, targetting the right audience.”

Speaking on the rationale behind the new campaign, Jain pointed out, “Music has become an integral part of people’s lives and listening to music is not restricted to any particular age group. Everyone’s choice of music maybe different, and that is the reason why we have different commercials for different set of audiences.”

He further continued, “No music lover is satisfied with the limited choice of music available on a particular genre by downloading or buying the albums. With this campaign, we are trying to reach out to all music lovers in the country and inform them about the vast genres of music available with us, and they can hear what they want, 24 hours a day and all through the year.” Jain also divulged that the second set of commercials would be targeted towards the regional audience, with prominence given to regional channels like Tamil, Malayalam and others. Reasoning this, he elaborated, “In times that we are living in, people travel all across the country for employment or other reasons, and get settled in these places. For them, to hear their regional language on radio is almost impossible, but WorldSpace is the only medium that can offer them this service. Hence, our second set of commercials will be in that direction.”

Differentiating the previous campaign with the new one, Jain commented, “While the previous campaign established the width of WorldSpace, this new campaign intends to capture the depth of WorldSpace, by showcasing some of the channels, available on the medium, through the commercials.”

While sharing some information on the below-the-line activities initiated by the company over the year, Jain talked about the tie-ups with Café Coffee Day and Barista outlets across the country. He noted that it was a proper brand-fit as people listen to music to relax, and this has been one of the main reasons why people hang out at these café outlets.

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