Word play, puns dot Rediffusion Y&R’s launch campaign for ‘Mahuaa Khobor’

Word play, puns dot Rediffusion Y&R’s launch campaign for ‘Mahuaa Khobor’

Author | exchange4media News Service | Friday, Oct 01,2010 8:35 AM

Word play, puns dot Rediffusion Y&R’s launch campaign for ‘Mahuaa Khobor’

Rediffusion Y&R recently crafted the launch campaign for Bengali news channel Mahuaa Khobor in Kolkata. The campaign was divided into two phases. The pre-launch phase involved a teaser campaign which comprised outdoor hoardings and giant cutouts of the words ‘Ki Khobor?’, a popular Bengali greeting as much as it literally translates into ‘What’s the news?’ at prime traffic crossings to generate curiosity.

The consumer insight of the campaign was ‘The Bengali never ceases to surprise you’, that is, a Bengali has an opinion on everything and always seeks information on subjects that have nothing to do with what he does in life or his place in society. The role of Mahuaa Khobor for this target audience is, therefore, that of a facilitator of enlightened expression that enables them to do justice to the aforesaid Bengali trait. ‘News from the world over is now on every lip’ was the product underpinning that connected the consumer propensity to the launch of the news channel.

As many as nine identifiable consumer stereotypes were depicted in the campaign, holding forth on subjects one would hardly expect them to talk about. So, if there was a retired septuagenarian talking about Facebook being the third largest populated land in the world after China and India, a young female student on a tram car was shown musing as to who would be the successor to Ratan Tata at Bombay House. Then there was a mother of a school-going child talking about Shashi-Sunanda’s ‘hattrick’ wedding, a typical coffee house intellectual on Bollywood gossip, a serious professor in a library on the Sensex-like fluctuation of Hilsa prices, an elderly lady in a fish market on the CWG controversy, and even a unemployed youth on the ozone layer, to mention a few.

Word play and puns had a big role in the campaign and this was brought alive particularly well in the very realistic radio renditions with the ambient sound and local twangs complete. The Rediffusion Y&R team executed a three-day shoot, nine ads in 11 newspapers and over 100 artwork campaign in press, outdoor and radio reportedly in just under 10 days.

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