Wills Sport campaign takes-off at the Airports

Wills Sport campaign takes-off at the Airports

Author | exchange4media News Service | Wednesday, May 15,2002 8:02 AM

Wills Sport campaign takes-off at the Airports Minita Kumar

For Wills Sport, the 'relaxed-wear' brand from ITC Ltd., all other advertising has taken a backseat and the focus is sharply on Outdoors. But this time the story is not restricted to the archetypal billboards and kiosks on the roadsides. Evidently, Wills Sport has a well chalked out game plan up its sleeve. Its not about numbers anymore, it's the impact that matters. And this is exactly what Wills new outdoor campaign is expected to do.

Krishnan Chatterjee, Marketing Services Manager, ITC Ltd. says, "Our outdoor strategy has a few innovations. We have created outdoor clusters at the Delhi and Mumbai airports. These outdoor clusters are a series of signages, billboards etc., at some most visited points of the airports, starting from the lounge to the departure. The entire series of clusters at a particular airport, talk a story and a language to the passengers and as a result, the impact they create is enormous."

The entire outdoor campaign has been handled by TDI International India Ltd., which is exclusively into various Airport media. TDI International is the sole concessionaire appointed by the Airport Authority of India, for the Domestic and International airports and has its presence in 17 Indian airports. Currently, it is handling brands like Jet,, Maruti, Times of India, Hindustan Times, Hero Honda, LG, Ford, Fiat etc., all of which have a presence in the airport.

But why is Wills focusing on outdoors and specifically the airports? "We saw a huge opportunity in outdoors. This was one place where our competitors had almost no presence since all their monies are focused either on print or the electronic media. And as far as airports are concerned, they are the best places where we can find the right audience for the Wills Sport brand. Most of them belong to the upper SEC and lead a lifestyle that is in sync with the Wills Sport image", says Chatterjee.

Although right now Wills has a presence only in the Delhi and Mumbai airports, it does have plans to be present in other major cities also. Says Chatterjee, "We are more interested in impact rather than getting more number of audience. Therefore given the monies we have, we would rather focus on only two airports at the moment".

Present in 35 cities and 42 stores across the country, Wills has been positioned as 'an international-quality relaxed wear label'. "Our competitors are all the premium international labels. Therefore while we would consider a Banana Republic to be our competitor, we would not consider a Nike or a Raymonds to be our competitors", says Chatterjee. Apart from outdoors, Wills is also doing some print campaigns as well as Direct Marketing. Yet, Wills is keeping its fingers crossed on its outdoor campaign for which it is shelling out a major chunk of its monies.

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