Wills Lifestyle ups the desire quotient, says ‘The world wants to be you’

Wills Lifestyle ups the desire quotient, says ‘The world wants to be you’

Author | Rosy Ngaihte | Wednesday, Dec 19,2007 6:09 AM

Wills Lifestyle ups the desire quotient, says ‘The world wants to be you’

Who wouldn’t want to be the diva or dude that everyone admires and wants to emulate? The new TVC of ITC’s Wills Lifestyle brand gives a high-tech spin to the old saying ‘clothes make a man’ (or a woman), where clothes create such a desire that ‘The world wants to be you’.

The brainchild of Lowe Mumbai under the creative direction of Arun Iyer, the TVC has been shot in Malaysia by Chrome Pictures at a cost of Rs 1 crore and has some state-of-the-art special effects by Hong Kong-based production house Centro. Interestingly, Centro has been behind those breathtaking SFX in Hollywood hits like ‘Kill Bill’ and ‘Kungfu Hustle’, among others. The music track has been composed by music director Sameeruddin.

Atul Chand, Vice-President-Marketing and Retail, Lifestyle Retail Business Division, ITC, said, “We were entirely focussing on print advertisement, outdoors campaigns and royalty (points that can be redeemed with ITC services like a stay in ITC hotels) on our product line. In this past one year we have added to our vibrant portfolio, opened more stores, exposed ourselves to more market and got sponsorship rights for ‘Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week’. And we thought it was just the right time to launch the TVC.”

He further said, “Wills Lifestyle offers our consumers imagery of a high premium clothing line, ultimate shopping experience and products of truly international standards. The new commercial draws from these differentiated attributes of the brand and makes a bold statement of leadership in fashion – ‘The world wants to be you’.”

“The brief given to the agency was to highlight the product line as aspirational and stylish clothing, and that people are tempted to emulate the charismatic lifestyle the wearer has,” Chand added.

The TVC features a good-looking couple wearing Wills Lifestyle clothing. Wherever the couple goes, people notice their clothes and are awestruck. People around them are inspired by the strong charismatic dressing and they run towards the couple, disperse into their body to be in their attire, while shedding the ones they are wearing. This happens as the couple walk in a corridor, enter a lift and even in a tube train. The theme running throughout the TVC is to inspire a strong desire among people around the wearers, sending a message that the world actually wants to be like ‘them’.

Arun Iyer, Creative Director, Lowe, said, “With the TVC, we want to spread a confident statement and to put the brand in the spotlight – that the brand makes the individual stand out in a crowd, signifying that everybody wants to be in Wills Lifestyle clothes. It reflects the attitude of being stylish and charismatic.”

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