When Domino’s pizza came to the rescue

When Domino’s pizza came to the rescue

Author | Pallavi Goorha | Thursday, Apr 10,2008 9:02 AM

When Domino’s pizza came to the rescue

Domino’s has been increasing its offerings in the Indian market and the latest addition is its Sicilian Wheat Treat Pizza. A new TVC has been created to support the launch of the new pizza variant. Created by Contract Advertising, the TVC takes the humour route.

Domino’s is introducing yet another innovative and indulgent pizza called the Sicilian Wheat Treat Pizza. Contract Advertising has created a new brand campaign for Domino's new Sicilian Wheat Treat Pizza. The new Sicilian wheat treat pizza is made the Sicilian way from butter flavoured wheat base and special herb seasoning to give an exotic taste.

Dev Amritesh, Vice President, Marketing, Domino's Pizza India Ltd, said, “Domino’s new Sicilian Wheat Treat pizza is a very tasty pizza and the Domino’s philosophy is based on two pillars – great taste and fast delivery. Our brief to the agency was to bring alive the proposition that it is delivered at the moment of need.”

He further said, “A marketing budget of Rs 5 crore has been allocated for the launch and promotion of this new Sicilian Wheat Treat Pizza. We have 65 per cent share of the pizza delivery market and 45 per cent share of the overall pizza market.”

The TVC shows some income tax inspectors entering an opulent house. The startled house owner tries to lie his way out, stating an exquisite marble statue was bought from a local flea market for just Rs 100 or trying to wash his hands off a ‘Botticelli’ by saying it was made by a local painter called Pappu. It is then that in his desperation he calls up Domino’s for a Sicilian Wheat Treat Pizza. Just as a grim tax inspector turns to the house owner, he hands him the piping hot pizza. At first the inspector spurns the ‘offering’, but ultimately succumbs to its succulent taste.

Bhaskar Ghosh, VP-Account Management, Contract Advertising, said, “The brief we got from the client was that Domino’s is the tastiest pizza delivered at the time of need. It is an interesting and humorous way of establishing the key proposition.”

Amritesh added, “We are breaking the TVC next week in all the news and entertainment channels. We will also be doing below line activities like flyers, mailers, etc.”

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