We see huge opportunities in business in India: EuroRSCG Discovery’s Zain Raj

We see huge opportunities in business in India: EuroRSCG Discovery’s Zain Raj

Author | Pallavi Goorha Kashyup | Wednesday, Oct 14,2009 8:53 AM

We see huge opportunities in business in India: EuroRSCG Discovery’s Zain Raj

EuroRSCG Discovery is bullish on India. In an exclusive conversation with exchange4media, Zain Raj, Global CEO of EuroRSCG Discovery, speaks at length about the company’s India plans and the business opportunities that exist in the country.

Commenting on the potential here, Raj said, “We see huge opportunities in business in India. We will be showcasing our global expertise here. Most of the people see return on investment on the data they using. That’s why this part of the business is growing. We will help our clients go into the future by leveraging consumers’ behaviour. Data is becoming a key driver. The traditional consumer insights are based on research. What we have learnt is that what consumers say and what they do are completely different. Clients have the data and our role is to help them use the data in the marketing field and for growing their business.”

Raj further said that EuroRSCG Discovery was working with Airtel on a large CRM programme.

“Globally, there has been an accelerating pace of change. Integration of global recession has changed how consumers are seeing the value they getting from business. We are helping clients getting better value. The question is how do we use data to improve value and use data effectively. All clients have limited budgets,” he noted.

Raj further explained, “The challenge in retaining customer loyalty, especially in times of a global slowdown, is to make sure that we are serving customer needs better than the competitors. A marketing programme doesn’t necessary give you loyalty. We are using the data to solve the customer’s problem and meeting the needs of customer.”

Commenting on the Indian market, Suman Srivastava, CEO, EuroRSCG India, said, “India has the opportunity to leap ahead of rest of the world. We don’t have problems of old data like in the US, where they have data that is at least 10 years old. We have fresh data and have the ability to move faster than anyone else. So, I don’t feel India has much catching up to do in terms of customer relationship management.”

Regarding the retail sector growth, Raj said, “I think the potential 3-4 years ago was huge, and continues to be huge.”

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