We believe in culture changing ideas: Benny Thomas @Goafest2016

We believe in culture changing ideas: Benny Thomas @Goafest2016

Author | Ritushree Patra | Saturday, Apr 09,2016 8:11 AM

We believe in culture changing ideas: Benny Thomas @Goafest2016

The second day of Goafest 2016 kick started with a ‘Knowledge Seminar’ presented by Dainik Bhaskar. Benny Thomas, Executive Strategy Director, Crispin Porter + Bogusky, deliberated on the company’s benchmark campaigns. The session was moderated by Ambi Parameswaran, President, AAAI.

Elaborating on the beliefs of the agency, Thomas stated, “We think of ourselves as a micro-network and at CP+B action speaks louder than words. We as a company call ourselves Scrappy and Entrepreneurial, a company that believes in actions rather than just creating ad campaigns. In today’s world to stand out, it’s actually the action that matters. It’s the way you behave that will make a difference in the market place, and those actions later become reactions and finally conversations.”

“We believe in culture changing ideas. We believe that fundamentally culture believes in change, it wants something to oppose that. So, our job is to find that counter culture and push it against the existing culture, because if we do that we get attention, and when we get attention, we create conversation. Define yourself by what you do. Define yourself by what you do next is what Chuck Porter, Partner/Chairman of the agency believes in.”

Thomas cited instances from some of the best works of the agency for its clients which include: Dominos (Anyware), Truth, Netflix (Netflix Adultery), PayPal (New Money) and American Express (Small Business Saturday).

Explaining further on the Dominos ‘Anyware’ campaign, he said, “Our TV ads for Dominos were mediocre but what really made the difference was the ‘Anyware’ campaign that we did. The sales of the company grew year after year by 10.5 per cent.”

Replying to Parameswaran’s question about advertising being the biggest elephant in the room, Thomas said, “It definitely is. We are entering an age which is a post marketing era, both consumers and marketers are aware of the process. So, we now challenge ourselves and say how can we be useful and meaningful in people’s lives because that’s the only way left to market. Confront the elephant in the room and it will go away.”

“Only one percent of the total ideas presented actually get finalised. Till then, we just keep bombarding the clients with ideas and ultimately they buy one. Small Business Saturday was one of those. There were almost 200 ideas that we presented to them. So, if you treat your clients like partners, it would be easier for them to buy things,” he explained when quizzed on the number of ideas presented versus selected.

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