Waste not that ‘finger lickin’ taste says KFC’s new campaign

Waste not that ‘finger lickin’ taste says KFC’s new campaign

Author | Tuhina Anand | Monday, Sep 17,2007 9:16 AM

Waste not that ‘finger lickin’ taste says KFC’s new campaign

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), part of Yum! Restaurants International, has come up with its second TVC after the first one broke on the Indian telly close to four months back. This time the campaign, though using the global taste positioning of ‘finger lickin’ good’ takes it a step forward by using the line ‘Taste ko waste mat karo, darling’.

Unnat Varma, Marketing Director, KFC, Indian subcontinent, Yum! Restaurants International, said, “The campaign is based on the insight that when one savours something tasty, one wants to polish off the plate without wasting anything. Taking that insight, we show in the commercial that our offering of crispy chicken is such a dish, which when wasted even a bit can lead to a vehement response by those who vouch for it.”

He added, “The first commercial, which we had launched after more than a decade’s presence of the brand in India, sometime around May this year, was aimed at driving customers to our restaurants. This one aims more at occupying the mindspace of our consumers and emphasise once again on the popular item on our menu.”

The new TVC shows a young couple in a restaurant, enjoying the KFC crispy fried chicken. The action of the girl picking up a tissue to wipe her hands elicits a vehement “nahi” from the young man. The response is so strong that the voice reverberates to far away places. Back in the restaurant, the girl gives him a questioning look to which the man replies “Taste ko waste mat karo, darling”. Realising her folly, the girl amends by licking her finger so that she can enjoy even the last bit of the juicy chicken.

So what’s the reason that while the brand didn’t advertise for almost 12 years has now come up with two commercials in quick succession? Varma explained, “We are getting active on the advertising circuit now. We feel that communication in the food industry needs to be refreshed from time to time. So, if it’s not about advertising a new item on a menu, then one must keep refreshing the communication to appeal to our customers.”

The commercial has been produced by Chrome Pictures and the film has been conceived by O&M. Besides the TVC, the campaign will use the medium of outdoor, radio and in-store communication, but will not use print for the time being.

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