Video: Young age group fears being offline: Kirthiga Reddy

Video: Young age group fears being offline: Kirthiga Reddy

Author | Abid Hasan | Wednesday, Apr 01,2015 8:32 AM

Video: Young age group fears being offline: Kirthiga Reddy

Kirthiga Reddy, Managing Director, Facebook India took the stage at first Adobe Digital Marketing Forum to address the audience about the power of digital, understanding the young generation on social media and growth of the internet.

She started her address by asking two questions. Her first question was, How far will the connected consumer go? And, “But even more importantly how prepared are we to go out and meet them?”

She said, “This age group suffers from FOBO ( Fear of being offline).”

She highlighted the findings and quotes, “Over seventy percent of them say they need internet all day long and over sixty per cent say they would feel lost if they didn’t have access to social media.”

Reddy said two years ago in 2013 for the first time there were  people were consuming more content on digital in the United States then television and if you will look deeper it’s mobile that contributes to that trajectory.

She pointed out last time this happened was when television took over the radio in the 50s.

Sharing her point of views about marketing shifts she said, “There are two fundamental shifts that I want to talk about in marketing. The first one is about people-based marketing. People are telling us what they like, what their interests are and they are demanding relevant personalised content. The second shift that goes hand in hand is mobile. It is a personal screen and it’s no longer a shared screen like your television.”

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